Are you in a Bullshit Job?

This is your Moment of Truth — Are you truly utilizing every minute of your 8 hour workday ?

We live in an age where “being busy” is a sign of importance, and we often find ourselves complaining about our busy and stressful jobs. But let’s be totally honest with ourselves today and admit the number of times we have had the feeling of being stuck in a bullshit job.

How many times have you wondered the pointlessness associated with what you do ?
Were you truly working or were you filling your day with meaningless tasks ?
Did you ever question the justification of your salary for the work you do ?


Since childhood, we have been taught repeatedly that “Work is Worship”.
There is high expectation and value associated with “quality of work” and the idea of being paid to do nothing is extremely difficult to adjust to. We are progressing towards an automated and jobless future, where machines will do the jobs for us, wages will disappear thereby reducing the ability to buy or sell things.

When I started working at my first job, I was beaming with excitement and my mind was filled with a plethora of new ideas. I wanted to make a difference and wanted it quick! Soon the reality of the corporate world dawned on me, where pointless meetings were a higher priority than practical cost saving methods. There were times when employees would travel across the globe for a week, only to add to the pile of expense records, and one could only wonder – ” Heard of video conferencing yet ? “


I’d like to share some experiences of people through an online discussion who faced the hollowness of toil at their workplace:

Person 1:
More often than not, I couldn’t fill 8 hours. I would make up somewhat useless tasks to fill the time, some of which ultimately reaped a benefit for my company. Otherwise, I read a lot of news. I fell into a lull of a depression because I couldn’t bring myself to close the laptop, and thus couldn’t devote time to my passion projects.

Person 2:
I make good money doing a software development bullshit job that’s completely pointless.

While there were some who rejoiced at the prospect of a pointless job as long as they were being paid, there were many who felt a lack of pride and satisfaction in the work they do.

What would you consider the biggest motivator at the workplace ?

A one word answer to this question is CONTRIBUTION.
The element of contribution plays a major role in determining our satisfaction and happiness with a job. We all wish to be in jobs where our work can have a meaningful impact in some form. The paradox associated with this fact is when you are often asked during an interview “How can you contribute to this organization ?”

Ever wonder why your mind is awestruck each time you meet somebody working for a social cause ? That very moment you wish to contribute towards a social cause and not demand a single penny for all the hard work you put in – because your heart is filled with content even without a six figure salary. But in no time, your “busy” life at your bullshit job engulfs you to offer the common excuse “I have no time”.
The proverb “work is worship” does not imply a life of endless toil, but a life where our work can benefit a greater purpose.

Work for a Greater Good is Worship

If you find yourself working a bullshit job offering you no satisfaction, you aren’t alone. It may sound like you are stuck forever, but before you call it quits, understand some of the common factors first :


There were times when I probably only averaged 4 hours of actual work per day, which led me to resenting my job and suffering from depression. It was only after I spent considerable amount of time talking to friends and colleagues that I realized I wasn’t the only one feeling this way.


Having some free time at work isn’t all bad. This downtime can have various advantages if you know how to utilize it to your benefit. Instead of resenting and criticizing the quality of work, use this time to improve yourself. Read and learn whatever you can, as this will go a long way when it’s time to list your skill set. If you are seeking something meaningful, go out there and volunteer for a cause. Make this downtime your biggest opportunity to explore various areas of interest. This could open the road for a new career!


Escaping the current situation is the first step we often take when we find ourselves in an uncomfortable state. If you are unhappy with your job, don’t just start looking for a switch in hopes of satisfaction. Unless you are changing industries, know that most jobs are relatively similar, and the next job you choose will probably leave you unhappy after a short bout of enjoyment.


I am not discouraging you to explore your options, but make sure you analyze all the factors before you make the switch. Ask yourself some of these important questions :

Is the job similar to your current job ?
What is your motivation behind this decision ? 
Is this new job going to provide you the ability to contribute ?

Before you make any irrational decisions, make sure you have been honest when answering these questions.


While we struggle through survival each day of our lives, we are the happiest when the outcome of our work offers comfort to another. The contentment of seeing your loved ones smile, or witnessing the comfort on a homeless man’s face through your act of generosity or when your volunteer work helped save the environment a tiny bit – these are the moments worth living for.

You may be trapped in a bullshit job to make ends meet, but there is nothing stopping you from finding happiness, because all it takes is KINDNESS!


Carpe Diem!


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8 thoughts on “Are you in a Bullshit Job?

  1. I find that I often have some down-time at work and honestly I enjoy it. I don’t like being super busy all the time – I have anxiety and I burn out quickly if I can’t step back and just breathe once in a while – so have an hour or two during my day when the work load drops off is nice.

    I usually work on the novel I’m writing!

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