The Superhero behind all Superheroes – #1 Life Lesson through Comics

Grabbing a tub of heavily buttered popcorn, you stare at the wide screen awaiting the transformation of your dreams. You watch a nerdy teenager on a school field trip, being silly enough to miss the opportunity to talk to his love interest and instead, photograph spiders ! ‘ What's wrong with you dude !? ’, …

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What I Learned After 4 Months of Blogging

Ticktock Ticktock Ticktock ... What do I write next ? What the heck is all this hoo-ha about SEO ? Wait ... What is SEO ? How many more social networks do I need to sign up to ? Page views, Visitors, Bounce Rate, Indexing, TRAFFIC — HONK HONK ! . . Phew, That's It !  …

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You are a Musk Deer in Search of Your Own Scent

Looking left, looking right, gazing far ahead into the horizon, the musk deer kept walking tirelessly in pursuit of the unknown. Struggling to protect itself from predators of all kinds, while clueless of its own worth, the musk deer departed into nothingness. One of the most endangered species on our planet today, the musk deer …

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From Darkness Unto Light – Happy Diwali

  Receding clouds of Rain, ’Tis time to Reap what is Sown, Rejoicing every struggle and Pain, A journey from Darkness unto Light, Why Moan? A competition of Caliber, Announcing a union of sacred Souls, Wealth and prosperity chose the Seeker, the One igniting a fire Within, A journey from Darkness unto Light, His only …

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Time Does Not Fly. You Need to Simplify

A few days ago I was reliving some fond memories over a phone conversation with my friend. Soon it drifted towards how many of our childhood plans never panned out the way we expected and he was quick to respond with an overused expression “ Time Flies ” For the first time, this expression stuck …

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Cushion of Dreams

  Laying on the cushion of Dreams, Engulfed by Darkness, A silence full of Screams, Memories flashing amid Blindness. The ruffle of soft Cotton, A creaking of wooden Legs, Lifting the emotional Curtain, Unweaving all the mind's Threads. From the corner of the Eyes, Slowly taking its Form, Pain appeared in Disguise, Unable to hold …

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The Alchemy of a Happy Mind

How to develop the mindset for Happiness


Innovation is NOT about Ideas – How to Pick Your Best Idea

Your eyes are fixated on the text field labeled “ Innovation ” on your performance review form. An entire years work flashes before your eyes and you think to yourself : “ I had so many innovative ideas all year long, but none of them were implemented ! ” You begin to blame your boss and organization …

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How to Resolve the War between the Voices in Your Head

Making decisions with the incessant chatter of the mind


The Conflict between Spirituality and Desire

You've built yourself the perfect cozy spiritual den to relax your mind and adorned the room with various trinkets to enhance its ambiance. On the door of your humble abode is a sign you deeply cherish – “ Desire is the Root Cause of all Evil ” Desires have been interpreted as counterproductive to spiritual growth …

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Prisoner of My Mind

Thick strong Metal, A grasp so Powerful, Confining human Potential, A Mind transformed to merely a Skull. Trapped by the darkness of Thought, Memories mutate into Shackles, A Prisoner in the Mind's Vault, Lend me the strength to Grapple. The chains Clanked, As the wrists twisted with Intent, The cold floor Thumped, ’Tis the hour …

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The Delusional Positive Thinker – How to Change Your Mindset

“ Let's go to Disney World tomorrow! ” Your mind suddenly experiences the warmth of being welcomed by Mickey and friends, the joyous dance with Goofy and the endearing voice of Donald Duck ! Hmm.. I must be a genius to control your mind so easily 🙂 But wait ... All I did in a …

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Your Favorite Story is an Obstacle to Success

You  walk into the bookstore, mixed emotions in tow. Your heart is seeking an outlet, an outlet for your current state. Quietly, glancing through the bestsellers, you reach the aisle that seemingly has the answer to all your questions — relationships, job satisfaction, mental health, meditation and even the singular key to success that forces a …

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Shadow of Truth

  Walking on a lonely Street, The shimmer of a Floodlight, Marching to my Heartbeat, Did I send you an Invite ? An intriguing Character, A leader one Moment, Racing like a Competitor, Underneath a loyal Servant. Metamorphosis is your Forte, A Giant bloating my Ego, Or a worthless tiny Prey, Teach me the art …

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Minimalism ISN’T An Easy Route in Life

“ Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication ” You love this beautiful quote by Leonardo da Vinci, and dream of a simple minimalist life, unobstructed by the demands of society. You even saw this picture of Steve Jobs and shouted a resounding "YES" to transform your life by adopting minimalism. A New York Times article defined …

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I am a Mandala

  An innocent Child  growing into a Man, A journey of Evolution, A natural Phenomena, Physicality is a Mandala. Emotions in Abundance, Rising in Love, Only to Fall, A Mercurial Drama, The Heart is a Mandala. Choices to Baffle, Time conquered Memories, Sharpness of the Mind, Like the sparkle in Cola, Intellect is a Mandala. …

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The Road Less Traveled – Why Mahatma Gandhi was more Spiritual than Political

Today is the 150th birth anniversary of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi or popularly known as Mahatma Gandhi. The Father of a nation of the second largest population, India, is known all over the world for his revolutionary principles and ideologies. While Gandhi has inspired several world leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela and …

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Are you WOUNDED or WISE ?

“My life is a complete mess. There is no way I can be the same again. I've lost everything there is to my entire existence !!” “ Why me ? ”, you ask, and there is no answer. Your family and friends understand the depth of your wounds, but have nothing better to offer other than …

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Arrogance is like ICE

When a picture says it all ... Arrogance is like ICE. It can boost your ego for a short time until life hits back to drag you back to your real form. You are formless like water. Don't let your ego transform you, for it won't be long before you melt away. BE HUMBLE. Carpe …

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Ibn Battuta

  Flying high above the Clouds, Rejoicing on stale airline Food, Squirming between the Crowds, Yet calm and elevated in Mood. A tiny backpack, a Fearless Look, Do I need anything More ? To capture the world in merely a Scrapbook, Leaving pains and worries to Ignore. The first foot across the Border, Another step …

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4 Tips to Conquer FIRE – Financial Independence Retire Early

FIRE is Trending FIRE is the New DREAM Do your regular Google search on this term and you will find thousands of pages with tons of information illustrating your path to financial freedom. There is a Reddit community of over 400,000 users who actively share their success stories and contribute ways how they converted this …

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Money is the root cause of all Evil ! So is being broke Holy ? Wherever you go, there will be people complaining about the ill effects money has on society. From greedy politicians to power hungry industrialists to your neighbor who can't stop showing off his brand new sports car – Money is just …

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Pledge to eat healthy ! Organize your finances and your life ! Work hard to build your own company ! I know you have listed your goals at least once. Maybe on New Year's Day when you decided to turn your life around completely ? I know I have listed my goals several times in …




When the world pinpoints every Flaw, Destroying every ounce of Ambition, She thwarts every judgement with Guffaw, Rekindling a fire within like a Magician. An abundance of delightful Cuisines, Lights, music, what an Atmosphere, Unmatched to the simplicity of her Beans, No ambiance, yet so Dear. A global footprint to Parade, Mountains, beaches, what's the …

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Honesty Is STILL The Best Policy

The media is fooling us ! Politicians have been making fake promises all the time ! You can't succeed without being deceitful these days ! It's almost as if we have accepted lying as the new norm. Every single day of our lives we complain about the lack of integrity in an individual or an …

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Who Am I ?

  Who Am I ? Defined by Occupation, Or branded by Designation, Is my identity beyond my Workstation ? Relationships Galore, Friend, son, lover, even a Mentor, Transiting perceptions, is there More ? Worshiping a higher Power, A Temple, a Mosque or a Church Tower, Labeled for my faith of the Hour ? A mirror …

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Reading One Book A Day Won’t Make You Successful

" One book a day and you will be a huge success " " The one common habit of all successful people – READING " Yes, successful people read, they read a lot. But the new trend is forcing us into reading more at speeds unimaginable. Reading needs a transformation — let's call it Speed Reading. You …

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Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Are you a star or an Illusion Bizarre ? Large clouds filled with cold Gas, Like a being wandering Aimless, Seeking to outgrow its own Mass, Shall I strive to be better than Nameless ? Fighting against tension and Compression, Ignorant towards the power of Energies, Persistent to hold on to …

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TIME versus MONEY – What Do You Choose ?

WHAT IS ONE HOUR OF YOUR TIME WORTH ? If I wished to meet you over a cup of coffee in exchange for a price you choose, what would that be ? Do you have a number in mind ? Do you know what your time is worth ? Alright, you have no interest in …

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Entering the majestic Stage, A clown juggling with Precision, Performing an act to Assuage, Epitomizing life was a multitude of Missions. The Lion came Roaring, Headstrong it wouldn't be Tamed, Compromised merely by a whip Slashing, Fear possessed us all Restrained. On a tightrope a Uni-cyclist, Glorifying an ability Unprecedented, Shaming the world and each …

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Are You Teaching Your Kids About Money?

You've been fantastic in your efforts to save money and budget your way to be closer to your dream of financial independence. Kudos to you !! But are your kids aware of your hard work and consistent efforts ? You strive to fulfill every wish of your child and take pride in being a great …

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The sun arose bright and New, Memories untainted despite they're Old, Life had lost its glory and its Hue, Secretly pining over thoughts Untold. Countless opportunities Await, No dearth of distractions to Evade, Relentless in effort to shoulder this Weight, Deceiving the world with a Masquerade. Even in moments of blissful Exhilaration, The heart prevailed …

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Choose Self-Compassion over Self-Esteem

You : "Hey, I have some great news! This year I was offered an outstanding 10% salary raise!" Me : "Congratulations! I have some great news too. My company offered me a 15% raise!" What is your first reaction ? Has this ever happened to you ? Let me guess ... In your head you …

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  When the eye perceives new Faces, The mind ponders over its Truth, Materializing in various Traces, Sometimes alluring sometimes Uncouth. Outer beauty camouflages the Soul, Inverting the reality of Being, Each day is a new Role, While the heart is ceaselessly Seeking. Surrounded by a myriad Voices, Deafening the call of the Heart, Pompously …

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Present Moment

  Here come's One, Here come's Another, No matter where I Run, It appears for me to Rediscover. Obscured through Habit, Neglected by Thought, Cruising through life on this Planet, Like a bulb with zero Watts. When the sun shone Bright, And a breeze attempted to Gratify, The only thing in Sight, Was the endless …

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Are you in a Bullshit Job?

This is your Moment of Truth — Are you truly utilizing every minute of your 8 hour workday ? We live in an age where "being busy" is a sign of importance, and we often find ourselves complaining about our busy and stressful jobs. But let's be totally honest with ourselves today and admit the number …

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“Following your Passion” is Overrated …

Me : “ I'm tired of living this mundane routine. Work sucks! Life sucks! ” Friend who watches every motivational Tedx video : “ Dude, you must FOLLOW YOUR PASSION  ” Been there, Done that? There is a surplus of communities involved in making you believe how following your passion is the only way to attain a …

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A tiny droplet falling Aimlessly, The skies withering away its Pain, Losing its existence Lifelessly, The purpose was lost to Sustain. A ray of hope striving to Permeate, Relentless in its effort to Save, A purpose higher than earthly Fate, To break free from being Enslaved. A Refraction of varied Thoughts, Dispersing for a Brighter …

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5 Things To Do Today

All you want to do is binge watch your favorite show this weekend ? I'm here to nudge you alive from your couch to make this Sunday worthwhile. No matter where you are, what you are doing, it's another day to be a better version of yourself! 1.  Plan Your Future It's about time you …

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Understanding the Volatility Index (VIX)

"The market is highly volatile at this point" You have frequently heard the term volatility mentioned in various market discussions and always wondered "How does one even know ??" Did you know that just like the S&P 500 or NIFTY or NASDAQ, there was also an index mapping the volatility? Introducing the Volatility Index or VIX, …

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Let’s talk about Work Life Balance

Not Again! Let's not start with the "how-to" list on attaining your utopia between a stressful job and a personal life filled with varied emotions. Hasn't the importance of maintaining a work life balance been repeated to death? After a long stressful day at work, the last thing you need from anybody is advice on …

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  I began on a Journey, Swaying gently with the Flow, The Mind was in a Hurry, To Plunder every Glory and Glow. Battling through endless Competition, Forsaking the Voice of the Core, Rummaging through every Definition, Success was still a far away Shore. A Road with Achievements Multitude, Intensifying the Ego with every Score, …

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Have you defined YOUR Needs?

So You Wish to Quit the RAT RACE? Do you know where to begin ? Are you in a winning position ? Is the finish line in sight ? You probably haven't paid much thought to these questions, and if you have, you certainly do not have a definite answer. WHY? Picture yourself running a …

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Too Scared to Budget?

" I just don't have the time or patience to track down every expense and make a budget! " Heard yourself giving that excuse each time you hear some budgeting advice? Isn't it annoying when someone seems patronizing and wants you to adopt their ways? Nobody likes being advised every single day to the point …

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Rent vs Own : And the Winner is …

"You are flushing your money down the toilet if you are Renting!" How often have you heard that statement and wondered if you were just being stupid all along to not be able to see an obvious fact? For ages, homeowners have shown immense pride upon acquiring a long term mortgage they call home. A …

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If you haven’t Lost Your Ethics, Please Stand Up!

I see you are proudly standing for living a life with high integrity and deep moral values. Pat yourself on the back today! Kudos to you and each person you know living the ethical life, because it is truly a quality of a forgotten age. Unfortunately if you find yourself to be sitting, here's a …

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Disconnection is the New Celebration

One of my favorite authors recently tweeted about celebrating his birthday in the mountains, with NO INTERNET ACCESS. Among the hundreds of birthday wish comments, there were also people who "wished" to do the same for themselves and simply disconnect for some time. This simple wish raises an important question: Why should our existence become …

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Eye Opener to Passive Income

You love the term PASSIVE INCOME! You love the idea of PASSIVE INCOME! You are in love with PASSIVE INCOME! You read a bestselling book on how you can attain financial independence, watched a video describing X number of ways to generate extra moolah or even read a classy blog post that turned your mind upside down! …

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Hello, I’m here to Buyback your Stock!

BREAKING NEWS: BUYBACKS on track for $1 Trillion So lately you have been following the stock market frenzy over stock buybacks and keep asking yourself "How does this impact my investment strategy?"  When you invest in a particular stock, you are expecting returns in two forms: stock price appreciation and dividend payments. Another way investors can …

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Musings of the Dreamer

A dream can sometimes project varied emotions from the subconscious, giving birth to expression through poetry. With the onset of Darkness, The mind unearths a Harness. A soothing lullaby casts away the Unspeakable, Embarking on a journey, Untraceable. Ascending towards unattainable Pinnacles, Making it astonishingly Mystical. Courageously cruising over the Oceans, Undeterred by negative Emotions. …

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