Finding Yourself

Originally Posted On Utopia Life Coaching Stop letting your social conditioning prevent you from seeing yourself. Ask yourself today " Who were you before the world told you who you should be ? " Carpe Diem !  


Comparison Is An Act Of Violence Against The Self – Why Your Mind Can’t Stop Comparing !?

Why Your Mind Can't Stop Comparing ?


If The Grass Is Greener On The Other Side, The Water Bill Is Higher !

‘ Man, what a life ! He is living the dream. And here I am, staring at this silly screen, right at the cutting edge of mediocrity ’, you think to yourself while you skim through someone's glorified social media updates. You long to be living someone else's life and in the process of doing …

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Travel Your Way To HAPPINESS

I asked my friend Dave at lunch today, ‘ So what would you do if you never had to work again for the rest of your life? ’ He promptly responded ‘ I'd love to travel the world! ’ We have all dreamed of escaping our mundane routines some day and setting out on a journey to …

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The Most Important Conversation You Have Is With Your Inner Self

Changing the I CAN'T to I CAN


How To Handle People Who Only Wish To Borrow Money From You ?

You work extremely hard to have your finances in check, budgeting every expense, cutting back on expensive dinners and investing your heart out to save money and achieve your goal of financial freedom. And then, on a random night out with friends, you come across the most common form of request ‘ Hey, I'm a …

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You Missed The Key Element About Your 10 Year Challenge #theREAL10YearChallenge

Do you have the courage to take the REAL 10 Year Challenge ?


The World Demands An Extrovert & You Want To Build A Dome Over Yours

Dealing with being an Introvert and when you feel like you don't Fit In anywhere


Nobody Gets Hurt On A Rollercoaster, Unless You Jump Out !

The Art Of Never Giving Up


5 Reasons To Pursue Financial Independence

Financial Independence and Early Retirement (FIRE) is the buzz word and as millenials have embarked on this journey to save money, live frugally and crunched all the numbers in their fancy calculators to estimate a perfectly balanced FIRE number, you have been wondering what's all the hoo-ha behind FIRE ? We've talked about Tips to Conquer …

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If Living Is An Art, Choose The Right Paintbrush

What Is The Purpose of Life ?


Feeling Lost ? 4 Things To Remember When You’re Lost In Life

What to do when you are Feeling Lost in Life ?


Care About What Other People Think & You Will Always Be Their Prisoner

How To Stop Living In The Heads Of Others ?


The Price of Anything Is The Amount Of Life You Exchange For It

Are You Just Killing TIME ?


When Do You STOP Doing What You’re Doing ?

What is the Right Time to Quit and Follow Your Dreams ?


If Your Circle Doesn’t Inspire You, You’re in a CAGE !

How to Find Inspiration in Your Everyday Life ?


How to Stay Young Forever ?

The #1 Secret to Stay Young Forever !


How On Earth Do You Love Yourself ?

Is Loving Yourself that Simple ?


How Angry Are You to Push Back ?

After spending a decade working endless hours at a corporate job, slowly progressing towards a stable and respectable position, John was let go. Let Go ! In a matter of seconds, a decade's worth of hard work and perseverence was nullified in a heartless single page condolence letter, that could do no justice to every …

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Happiness is Nothing More than Good Health and a Bad Memory

How to Let Go and Free Yourself to be HAPPY


Motivation Does Not Last Very Long, But Neither Does Bathing

How to Stay Motivated Every Single Day of Your Life ?


Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

Are You Committed to Your Dream ?


The Mice Wants Free Cheese

Are You Doing What You Love ?


People Are Waiting for You to Fail

How to Deal with Negative People ?


Every Hippie Doesn’t Become Paulo Coelho

Inspiration is a Figment of Imagination without Action


Can You Remember to Put the Glass Down?

The Do's and Dont's to Control Your Thoughts


Realism is Your Biggest USP – How I reached over 25K views within 6 Months of Blogging

25,000 Page Views ! 😮 You : ‘ Would you be kind enough to share some tips of how you attained that number ? ’ Me : ‘ Absolutely. I wrote articles consistently and frequently,            Promoted my content across various social media platforms,            Engaged with …

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The Square Peg in a Round Hole

Tomorrow, I complete 6 months writing this blog, and while many would expect to see some numbers and statistics, I choose to leave that for another time. This short journey has allowed me to vocalize many of my thoughts, but I haven't yet shared my deepest musings that often keep me awake. No offence if …

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A Single Click can Save You Money (NOT a clickbait)

Securing your financial future, one click at a time.


The Silence of the Eagle

When Eagles are Silent, the Parrots begin to chatter


Don’t Become A Philosopher Until You’re Rich !

Greed to be the best version of yourself, is Good


Great Things Always Begin From Inside

If an Egg is broken by outside force, Life Ends. If broken by Inside Force, Life Begins. GREAT THINGS ALWAYS BEGIN FROM INSIDE. This year is about to close its doors leaving you with some sweet and sour memories that you can label as ‘2018’. While I certainly hope 2018 was a year minus regrets for …

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If You Want to Shine like the Sun, First Burn like the Sun

What is the Key to Success ?


He Who has a WHY to Live for can bear almost any HOW

What is your Purpose in Life ?


Find Yourself using Robert Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions

Who Are You on The Wheel of Emotions?


How to Use Balance Transfers to Manage Your Credit Card Debt

Want to reduce the amount of interest you're paying?


How to Be Fearless

Conquering your fear is deeper than stepping outside one's comfort zone.


This 5 Minute Exercise Can Change Your Day

The last season of Game of Thrones has been cancelled ! Well, now that I have grabbed your attention, you think you can stop whatever you are doing and spare 5 minutes of your time right now ? Not the 5 minutes where you are staring at your phone or watching the game or wondering …

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We All Hate Rules – Why You Won’t Stick to Your New Year Resolutions

Eat 6 meals a day to lose that excess fat. Do these 5 things for increased productivity. Follow this budgeting rule to get out of debt. 4 ways to become to a successful blogger. Stop overthinking with this #1 method to focus on the present moment. ‘ All this looks so promising, I'm definitely going …

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Once More

  Employing every ounce of air Within, a Bellow to gather and Play, Before a web was designed to Begin, a count on friendship for Display. Let Me Grow Up Once More When rain was an Opportunity, to create the storms for paper Boats, Until the mind shadowed nature's Beauty, with swarms of worldly Anecdotes. …

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Do You Dare to Show Your Life Behind the Scenes ?

Staring deep into the horizon, holding a glass of champagne, a table top showcasing fancy Italian food, donning your latest expensive jacket — ooh such poise ! You know it's the perfectly orchestrated pose showcasing your finest moment, and with the help of a few incomprehensibly named photo filters, this click is going to break …

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The Best Reaction is No Reaction

How to handle yourself in a conflict


Your FREE Guide to Personal Finance

The word MANAGEMENT often sends a chill down your spine — managing time, money, relationships, careers and even managing that annoying grocery store list to avoid multiple trips for that one single item you always forget ! Well, I know its not the best of chores we wish to spend our time and energy, but …

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The Bucket List is the New Rat Race

Kelly : ‘ So how was your trip to Spain ? ’ Me : ‘ It was Fantastic ! ’ Kelly : ‘ You went to Ibiza, didn't you ? ’ Me : ‘ No, I didn't have enough time left for it ’ Kelly : ‘ Oh NO !! If you go to Spain …

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Your Completely FREE Beginners Guide to Stock Market Investing

Dive in to this multi-part series covering various topics related to stock market investments.


The Superhero behind all Superheroes – #1 Life Lesson through Comics

Grabbing a tub of heavily buttered popcorn, you stare at the wide screen awaiting the transformation of your dreams. You watch a nerdy teenager on a school field trip, being silly enough to miss the opportunity to talk to his love interest and instead, photograph spiders ! ‘ What's wrong with you dude !? ’, …

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You are a Musk Deer in Search of Your Own Scent

Looking left, looking right, gazing far ahead into the horizon, the musk deer kept walking tirelessly in pursuit of the unknown. Struggling to protect itself from predators of all kinds, while clueless of its own worth, the musk deer departed into nothingness. One of the most endangered species on our planet today, the musk deer …

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