Your FREE Guide to Personal Finance

The word MANAGEMENT often sends a chill down your spine — managing time, money, relationships, careers and even managing that annoying grocery store list to avoid multiple trips for that one single item you always forget ! Well, I know its not the best of chores we wish to spend our time and energy, but lets face reality head on and accept that management(in all its forms) is the key ingredient to maintaining a balanced life.

While I most certainly can’t manage your grocery list or relationship or career, there is one thing I can share to assist with managing your personal finances, and the best part — it’s FREE ! 
No, you do not have to purchase my ebook(not that I have one 😛 ), or click a link to access my free guide on Amazon or even enter your email and wait for me to send you a copy straight to your mailbox !

I know you are still thinking ‘What’s the catch ? ’
The simple and honest answer — There is NO Catch ! It’s FREE !

I have organized this guide to better illustrate the various financial phases in our life, and the problems we face along the way.

PHASE I — The Debt Magnet

This is the phase where you are clueless about the amount of debt your life choices is attracting and you keep piling on hordes of it. From student loans to credit card debt, the debt magnet is powerful enough to drag you down to the last penny. But we’re in this together, and I wish to help you free yourself of that huge pile you’ve been stuck under for the longest time.

1. Understanding Credit Card Debt and Interest Rates


2. Free Yourself of Student Loans


PHASE II — The Career topped with a Fat Paycheck

Temptations are rising looking at the numbers on that paycheck as you begin your journey into the corporate world surrounded by a world showcasing every acquisition of material wealth. But is that all truly necessary at this stage or ever ?

This phase is NOT the time to buy everything you don’t need, but to invest and plan your retirement from the start of your new career. It’s time to educate yourself before you set out on your solo travel to wonderland and forget the importance of securing a stable financial future.

1. 4 Reasons Why Saving Money Should Be Your #1 Priority Before Turning 30!


2. Have You Started Budgeting Yet ?


3. Control Your Impulse Buying


4. Do you know how much you need to save for Retirement?


While you are diligently saving your money and living frugally, have you started investing and utilized the power of compounding ? Remember that every single day you miss investing is a day’s worth of interest lost.

5. FREE Beginners Guide to Stock Market Investing


PHASE III — The Bread Winner

You are now a mature and responsible member of society, making critical decisions not just for yourself, but even for your family. You may like your career, but you are always seeking more — it could be more money, more responsibility, more benefits or just more of everything. But in search of more and trying to Keeping Up With The Joneses, a ton of factors must be considered before designing your entire life based on the demands of society.

1. Choosing between Renting and Owning


2. Switch Jobs for More Money ?


3. Are You Teaching Your Kids About Money?


Work, work, work and such little time. You’ve carefully managed your finances and worked hard to bask in the fruit of success, but don’t make the mistake of defining your entire life by your work. Understand that you have a life beyond the workplace that demands your attention.

4. The Importance of Work Life Balance




1. Eye Opener to Passive Income


2. Minimalism ISN’T An Easy Route in Life



While I have covered several areas of personal finance in this post, I will continue to expand on this topic over time. I hope all of this information can serve you well towards managing your finances in the most effective ways, thereby enabling you to attain a stable financial future. I would love to hear your comments and suggestions and also learn through your experiences.

Be Frugal, Be Smart, Be Rich !

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