We All Hate Rules – Why You Won’t Stick to Your New Year Resolutions

Eat 6 meals a day to lose that excess fat.
Do these 5 things for increased productivity.
Follow this budgeting rule to get out of debt.
4 ways to become to a successful blogger.
Stop overthinking with this #1 method to focus on the present moment.

‘ All this looks so promising, I’m definitely going to implement this in 2019 ! ’, you think.
2 weeks later you are on the couch eating a large pizza, binge watching your favorite show, while your mind is obsessing over unfinished work and past failures.


New Year Resolutions are stupid ! 😦

The simple reason why you fail to stick to your new year resolutions is because You Hate Rules. You hate being told what to do in your life, even when you know it is for your own benefit. Rules are boring, when they are made by others. Whether it is to focus on a healthy diet, or reduce your time on social media or simply prioritizing between work and family, your ability to follow useful advice does not sustain for a long period of time. When the same piece of advice comes from your favorite celebrity, the sustenance is a wee bit longer, but again your discipline levels take a nose dive from the highest cliff back to the abyss of self-pity.

The simplest reason why we hate rules can be explained with the core principle of economics — The Supply of Rules/Advice is larger than its Demand, thereby reducing the value to hold on to it. It is that time of the year when the world begins to list out every resolution you must hang on to for the year 2019, but your mind is already prepared to receive another list from somewhere else in no time.


The abundance of rules to follow is overwhelming, and why should you listen to someone when they say do not eat carbs at night, when you absolutely love the comfort of a hot slice of cheesy pizza. You know they are right, but their rules are not making you happy.

How Do You Stop Hating Rules & Stick to Your Resolutions ?

As humans, our weakest tendency is to give in to the latest trends, simply to overcome the fear of missing out.
“ If everybody today is following the Keto diet, then I must be stupid to not do the same. Everybody is putting their money in this newly listed investment fund on the stock exchange, wait, here’s my money too !
Oh, is Facebook ancient history already ? Sure I’m on Snapchat now. ”

Last year, one of my friends suggested I try the keto diet, but I failed miserably in less than a week because it never provided the much needed satisfaction my stomach demands from comfort foods. The rules are often defined by your environment, and before you begin to analyze the utility of these rules in your life, you have already adopted them and failed to pursue them for the recommended time. The outcome — you stop listening to any such advice altogether, regardless of how useful it can prove to be.

Our tendency is to quickly write a list of resolutions for the coming year, without putting any effort to how we feel about each item on the list. When you decide to eat healthy or exercise, you are too focused on completing this task right now, but you have forgotten to imagine the long term benefits it could have on your life. Your mind is so focused on ticking that item on your list, that you start expecting quick results and when that does not happen, you quit !

Resolutions are not stupid, if they are defined completely by YOU. Resolutions have transformed into painful chores defined by current trends in society that often drive you away from what you truly believe in. Each one of us is unique with a unique perception towards the simplest things surrounding us.

  • If you know you can’t live without eating dessert every few days, DON’T !
    It’s not necessary to give up on what comforts you and live in pain. Instead make it a point to workout an extra day to allow yourself that happiness you deeply cherish.
  • Don’t walk 10,000 steps each day to compete on the virtual fitbit tournament if you dislike walking but enjoy swimming.
  • Don’t travel to the opposite end of the world only because you read a blog defining your to-do list for 2019.
  • Don’t read self help books when all you enjoy is a good old horror mystery.

Well, you get the point …

Simply put, there is nobody out there, who knows what your mind and body demands to live happily as much as you. If you wish to stick to your new years resolutions, define them realistically, unobstructed by the trends of society. You failed before because you were not in control.

You will be happiest when you have complete authority over your rules after identifying your needs, and it is at this point, that rules transform into lifestyle changes.


Carpe Diem !

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