This 5 Minute Exercise Can Change Your Day

The last season of Game of Thrones has been cancelled !

Well, now that I have grabbed your attention, you think you can stop whatever you are doing and spare 5 minutes of your time right now ?
Not the 5 minutes where you are staring at your phone or watching the game or wondering about your Monday morning presentation, but a completely undivided 5 minute attention.
And no, the last season is still scheduled for 2019, and I’m sorry to send shock waves through your life for a split second, but I have something more important to share with you.

This week I enrolled myself in an interactive workshop which was mainly to identify the key areas of my life I needed to focus on, and while I will be sharing my learning in due course of time, I wanted to share a simple 5 minute exercise that can help everyone right away !

Before we get started, here’s what I need you to do :–

  1. Steer clear from any distractions for the next 5 minutes – calls, phone notifications, doorbell or even your better half trying to seek your attention.
  2. Grab a pen and a small piece of paper – no, you can’t use your computer or your phone.

So, are you ready ? Here we go …

The First 2 Minutes

In the next 2 minutes, WRITE down what you have always wished for yourself as your mission statement. I have listed some examples below, but hey, you’re the dreamer and the captain of your ship.

  • A job you love with ample quality time for your friends and family
  • A debt free portfolio with a constant passive income revenue
  • A hobby you always wished to pursue full time but kept pushing it back


Well ,whatever it is, write it down, and don’t lie about it even if it may sound silly, because there’s nobody judging your written word.

The Next 2 Minutes

You have been great at writing down that unspoken agenda you have for yourself, but now’s the time to live it. Close your eyes and VISUALIZE every word you have written in the last 2 minutes. Let your imagination fly unperturbed for the next 2 minutes to where it always wishes to be.


Whether you are imagining your happy family at the dining table, acquiring that corner office at work or simply exploring your hidden passion, visualize it with all your heart.
Feel every bit of excitement and happiness in these 2 minutes and enjoy it.

The Final Minute

Pick up your phone and look for that one photograph in your gallery with your loved ones. A photograph that reminds you of a happy time or a moment that you have always cherished.

If you have someone around you, SHARE this picture and briefly explain the story behind this photo. Describe who all are in the picture with you and express how you feel about it.

Notice the smile on your face this very moment ?

That’s the end of this short 5 minute exercise and now’s the time to evaluate how you feel after this.
Are you feeling good and hopeful ?
More relaxed ?
A bit thankful maybe ?

There is a sudden sense of gratitude and hope that arises from this simple technique in no time, only through expression and visualization, allowing you to instantly change your outlook towards your day. Your mindset shifts towards a growth mindset as opposed to a fixed one, only because you have combined all the positive elements in your life.

You tend to feel thankful towards what you currently have in your life diminishing the constantly complaining voice and can feel recharged to go out there and conquer the day with all your power. Save your mission statement and look back on it, revise and feel free to play with it as you please, but remember to practice this exercise each time you feel the chips are down.

I hope this simple 5 minute exercise can prove to be useful and would love to hear about your experience through your comments 🙂


Carpe Diem !

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