If Your Circle Doesn’t Inspire You, You’re in a CAGE !

Friend (repeating the same story the nth time) : ‘ Remember that time when we had no money and walked into that high end restaurant ? ’

You ( feigning interest ) : ‘ Yeah, that was hilarious ! ’

There are times when reliving fond memories from the past can offer the much needed escape from a currently dull reality. A funny or positive past experience is enough to make you smile in the middle of a crowded elevator, making others wonder if they were the reason for that naughty smirk on your face.

But, if reliving the past is all you do among your circle of friends, then you’re doing it wrong ! I know it was so much fun narrating that story and laughing hard about it, but you live the present in hopes of creating a better future. Look around you and count the number of people in your circle who truly inspire you to be a better version of yourself ?

You don’t need multi-millionaires, celebrities or national athletes in order to inspire you. The people you surround yourself with on a daily basis have a huge influence over your mindset and in turn, your actions. One of my childhood friends recently discovered a passion towards health and fitness, and every week, I see him defeating his own personal dead-lift record. While I have no intention of building a career around fitness, he definitely inspired me to get off the couch and hit the gym to stay healthy !

If your circle fails to inspire you to grow beyond yourself, you are in a cage.

A comfortable cozy cage, limiting you to stay behind those metal bars, where your mind is limited to exploration beyond the confines of strong metal, never allowing you to realize your potential. Inspiration is available FREE of charge, your job is to seek for it and channelize it to your benefit.

1.  You DON’T Have to Cut the Cord


You definitely don’t want to break all your ties with your best of friends, no matter what the rules of success tell you, do you ? All it takes is a single initiative to have everyone or even a single friend in your circle geared towards change. If you want change, you have to simply initiate it.

‘ Hey, don’t you think we’ve had enough conversations dwelling over the past ? What do you think about working on an idea together ? ’

Who else would be a better option than your best friend to bounce your most passionate idea ?

All it takes is for you to pull that trigger to unravel the minds from a dormant state to work on a problem worth solving. Grab your most trusted friend and brainstorm your way to achieve something better. Even if you fail, you’ll have a new story to relive over drinks the next time 😉

2.  The Art of Conversation


You’re waiting at the boarding gate staring aimlessly at your phone, and notice several others doing just that !

‘ Sucks to arrive 2 hours earlier for a 1 hour flight, don’t you think ? ’, you casually say to your fellow traveler.

It never hurts to strike conversations at public places, because like you, many others are simply trying to kill time. This is a far better way of networking, because its full of surprises, unlike those scheduled networking events, where you pretend to know all you can about one specific topic !

Don’t be shy to simply chat in the real world once in a while and you’ll be surprised how many things you will learn from a simple 10 minute conversation.

3.  When All Else Fails

You’re too busy to meet your friends, never have enough time to stop and talk to a stranger and feel you’re better off living by yourself, managing your daily hustles. You love being a loner and you are your very own circle !


But, if your alone time is primarily occupied by shows-to-binge-watch, then I’m not afraid to say, you need to get out of your zone !

  • Get out of your zone and Go Somewhere New
  • Get out of your zone and Read & Learn
  • Get out of your zone and Try a New Workout or Recipe

Well, you catch my drift . The point is, the moment you start getting too comfortable in your space, your laziness prevents you from becoming a better version of yourself. There’s always going to be a ton of stuff you’ve never learned or heard about before, and having your mind open to all possibilities is how you eventually find inspiration and sometimes a new path.

Don’t define yourself within the realms of a cage.

When you accept that you are a part of Everything,
You will have Everything.

Carpe Diem !

Find Balance with Utopia Life Coaching !



18 thoughts on “If Your Circle Doesn’t Inspire You, You’re in a CAGE !

    1. Thanks for reading 🙂
      I’ve mentioned one of my friends’ passion for fitness as a source of inspiration in my post.
      Other than that, there is one who has battled a near death experience to come out strong and live a fuller life regardless of the norms of society.


  1. Absolutely amazing article. We need more people reading articles as such to help steer them in the right direction. Mining the company you keep is very important. They can make you or break you. So, being aware is vital in friendship to help steer them in the right path. As opposed to reliving the past like you said. That’s just boring.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Training Tabby

    I just discovered your website today from a link on Reddit. (r/happiness, specifically) I’m now hooked on your inspirational, encouraging writing. Thank you for making today a little brighter!

    Liked by 1 person

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