When Do You STOP Doing What You’re Doing ?

Stop waiting for the right time to pursue your dreams. The right time is NOW !

You’ve heard a thousand different motivational words, encouraging you to embark on that journey you’ve always waited for that offer the much needed boost of enthusiasm to conquer it all.

Yes ! This is my time and I’m going to have it all !

Over time you find yourself rethinking the strategy of pursuing your passion and slowly it moves from being the enthusiastic passenger in the front seat to the too-scared-to-open-box in the trunk. Everyone keeps encouraging you to take the leap, but nobody seems to have any idea when is the right time to quit what you are currently doing.

Before 30, because the twenties is the prime decade with maximum energy and fewer responsibilities ? But, what will everyone think ?

After saving enough money to secure a financial future ? But what if I get trapped in the circle of fighting for the corner office ?

Quit right now and strive to prove everyone wrong ? But, what if I end up wrong ?

Every argument is a plausible one and its natural to consider each one with an open mind before deciding whether it is truly the time to call it quits. However, beneath every doubt lies a deep rooted, primal fear, that we fail to acknowledge

What Will The World Think About Me ?

If you are in your twenties and raving to fulfill that dream, there is a small part of you screaming on top of its voice begging you to think about how your decision will be laughed at when your peers are working their way up to their next promotion.

You’ve lived frugally all your life, holding a job you hate only to build enough financial stability before you can finally throw a resignation letter like confetti. Yet again, you fear how the world will react, because you were stupid enough to quit a fantastic salary and health benefits to struggle all over again.

The fear of being judged and labeled by society often prevents you from taking the leap, and in order to portray that perfect life for society, you are ready to sacrifice the rest of your life doing something you never loved !
This is the harsh reality we all fail to acknowledge and the right time to stop doing what you’re doing to begin a new journey is

When You Stop Thinking About What Others Think About You


The fear of feedback is holding back on everything you can create and contribute towards society, and while you were busy worrying what the-neighbor-whose-first-name-you-don’t-know thinks about you, time kept slipping away from between your fingers, leaving you with nothing but regret.

If you are confident about yourself, believe in your ideas and know with all your heart that you’re ready for this no matter what others say — STOP !

Ask yourself one important question today

Is the opinion of others about me really more important than what I feel about myself ?

Why should you buy the 3-bedroom house, when you’re far more comfortable in a smaller space ? Stop living the life society defines for you, because the day you realize how much unnecessary junk you accumulated over the years in order to impress people, you will want nothing but a large bonfire of your worthless accumulation !

Your success is a measure of how deeply committed you are to your dream, to fight every negative judgment from society and emerge victorious !


Carpe Diem !

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