If You Want to Shine like the Sun, First Burn like the Sun

Ready Set Go !


Picture yourself sprinting on the 100 meter track panting through all the air in your lungs. The cool breeze zipping past your hair, almost cutting through your sunken cheeks. Your calves can feel the burn of your toil, but you know it will be over soon. The finish line is in sight and suddenly an announcement comes blaring into your ears

‘ The 100 meter race is now a half marathon ’

You exhale sharply expressing your disgust over this unanticipated change of events, even thinking whether to stop for a moment and ask
‘ Who the heck is playing games with that announcement mic ? ’
Yet your legs continue to work in harmony, slowly reducing the pace of a sprinter to the speed of a marathoner, while your head sways side to side observing your fellow competitors reassuring yourself that the race is on !

You slow down,
Let the mind gears conjure up a new strategy,
Allow your legs the much needed rest,
You adapt,
But you don’t Stop !

The breeze no longer seems to be piercing through your skin and you even glance around a few encouraging faces on the side of the road motivating you to keep going. The satin ribbon adorning the finish line is still enticing and you picture yourself cutting through it with open arms, only this time the reward is far more sweeter than you imagined previously.

The reason ?
Because the happiness arising from overcoming the unexpected hurdle of turning a less-than-30-second-race into an hour long marathon requires greater strength and courage. You can already imagine telling your friends and family this incredible story where you had to change your plan of action due to sudden changes and yet you emerged victorious!

Life is like this weird race where you can never be sure whether you are running a 100-meter dash or a marathon, but all you know is you have to keep running and continue to burn until you shine. The random announcements are the various unexpected events that you may face in your lifetime — a heartbreak, an injury, financial losses or even a death in the family, but realize that the race is still on.

Life’s Challenges present themselves much like the announcement above, unexpected and uncalled for. While you often tend to overcome physical challenges with greater ease, it is the emotional and mental challenges that take a toll on your existence. You will certainly try dead-lifting twice your body weight, but you give up when it is time to move on from your emotional disturbances.

You always want to push yourself to lift that heavier weight or run that extra mile, right ?

Why then, should you allow your emotional challenges to pull you down and stop living? Every time you face these challenges, it is your opportunity to outgrow yourself and know yourself at a deeper level. Realize that every event is simply another announcement where you picture yourself a part of that 100-meter dash that had suddenly changed its course.

What is the Key to Success ?

Here’s a few guidelines that may help you to keep shining like the sun amid life’s challenges

  • Don’t Panic, it’s only a Detour

  • Accept the Detour as a longer route to your destination

  • Analyze and Assess the Situation

  • Improvise your Strategy

  • DON’T STOP !

No challenge is worthy of belittling your courage and driving you away from your dreams.


The Key to Success is the Courage to keep going, even in the darkest of times, knowing that You will Shine like the Sun only when You will Burn like the Sun

I hope this post will inspire and motivate you to face life’s challenges with deeper courage and determination and brighten your day to live with hope 🙂

Carpe Diem !

Find Balance with Utopia Life Coaching !


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15 thoughts on “If You Want to Shine like the Sun, First Burn like the Sun

  1. nickded24

    Nice post Aditya,
    Love the content it’s so pure and engaging…
    And I also wanna state that consistency is also an essential fact in reaching your one’s goals and you have nailed it..
    Please do englighten all here!
    Keep it awsome 😍!!
    All the best!

    Liked by 1 person

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