He Who has a WHY to Live for can bear almost any HOW

What is your ONE single Purpose in Life ?


This is one of the most audacious questions of our lifetime, where time and again, we face ourselves in the mirror to riddle our brains into an unimaginably twisted knot. The mirror ridicules your mind with the newest update of available ‘purposes’ and you are quick to pick one or else you may just be ‘lost’ in this world.

Selling you a Purpose for Your Life is the newest product in town, and indeed, it’s going VIRAL !

He Who has a WHY to Live for can bear almost any HOW.
This quote by Nietzsche in his book Twilight of the Idols and later used by Victor Frankl in Man’s Search for Meaning, has often been used to motivate and inspire us to seek for a purpose, a why in our lives that can enable us to live with the how.

A Holocaust survivor, Victor, shares his horrible experience in the concentration camp of Auschwitz and what it taught him about life in Man’s Search for Meaning. Under such terrible and hopeless circumstances, what is it that keeps one from folding their cards of life and surrendering to live for a brighter day ?

While Victor’s experience was extreme, most of us would not even have the courage to survive without our phones for a day, let alone be uprooted from our state of existence. We look for our purpose between pages of best selling books, behind anonymous disguises on online communities or by fixating our minds as loyal followers to a famous wise sage.
Wouldn’t we all end up with the same definition of purpose then ?

What is really needed is a fundamental shift in the quest and attitude towards life itself. Every individual is faced with a set of unique circumstances that demand a unique set of actions. If you and I were offered the opportunity to leave our current way of living to explore a completely new life in search of an answer, we both will act and react in a completely different and unique manner. We may eventually set foot on this path of exploration, but our experience, our story and eventually our purpose will always remain unique.

The ultimate purpose of life for everyone is often defined by gurus in the most abstract manner, making the understanding of life incomprehensible and simply confusing. You often feel great after listening to these words of wisdom, but they are simply generalizations of life as a whole, failing to offer any clarity of thought.

You are not your thoughts
No thought has any power
Life is not a package tour
Misery is your creation

While every teaching has a profound meaning, demanding us to fire up all our senses to truly think about our life, we often make the mistake of viewing life through a macro lens. It is not about finding what you expect from life, but to determine what life expects from you.

It is about taking the responsibility to finding the right answer to the problems life throws at us and to fulfill these tasks which are unique to every individual. Your purpose does not reside within the abstractness of words of wisdom, but is grounded at the very core of your everyday existence.

Your purpose can never be confined to a singular point, but will always remain a fleeting state, changing from fulfilling the desires of your own to contributing towards the fulfillment of others around you. Amid all these different life purposes, your life evolves giving meaning to it, thereby defining your destiny, which again, is unique to every individual.


Life is real and concrete, and your purpose is to simply look forward to the WHY in order to bear almost any HOW.

Carpe Diem !

Find Balance with Utopia Life Coaching !


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14 thoughts on “He Who has a WHY to Live for can bear almost any HOW

  1. Maria Angelica

    I love your blog and I can totally relate! I was so unsure with my life before. I clearly don’t have a why and I was just doing regular things in life until I found (or make somehow) my purpose and never hesitating facing the Hows because I always have the Whys in me. ❤

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  2. Smita

    I think if there was no WHY in life each one of us would turn into vagabonds…but this WHY gives you a purpose to live, be creative and work towards HOW, to cope up with the situation👍🏽👍🏽The title itself describes the article👌🏾

    Liked by 1 person

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