The Mice Wants Free Cheese

On a hot and dry afternoon, Jerry wandered out from his burrow. Starving for food, he began to look for the quickest route to satiating his stomach and head back to his cozy little heaven below earth and avoid the darn weather. He sniffed around, jumping over a few tiny obstacles, slowly heading to the basement of a nearby house.

From a small crack in the window the bright rays of sunlight created a beautiful spotlight for a prize Jerry could devour. It shone like gold, even from a distance, as Jerry started pacing towards it, with rampant anticipation and hunger.

‘ Ah, CHEESE ! ’, Jerry thought devilishly, rejoicing over the ease with which he had struck gold. His eyes twinkled while fixating them on the one and only goal for this auspicious moment. With a calm examination of the surrounding room, controlling his breath, Jerry leaped forward to grab the piece of cheese between his legs !

‘ Yes, it’s mine ! I scored ! ’


In a split second a thin piece of metal fell on his skin like thunder, imprisoning his life merely between wood and metal.
‘ Oh, how the laziness in me has created this awful mess ’, Jerry sighed.
‘ How could I be so stupid ! Harry and Larry fell for the same trap too. And now ME ! ’


The dreams you aspire to conquer will not be served to you on a platter, and if it is, it is most certainly a trap. Whether you have been pitched a get-rich-quick scheme, a sweet deal too good to be true or an offer that triggers your this-is-BS instincts, believe the voice that reminds you that Everything has a Price !

Be ready to pay the price for your dreams, prepare yourself for the hardest climb and the greatest hustle of your lifetime, because you darn well want to get the best view from the top of the mountain. You may find some consolation prizes along this hustle, that could make you complacent and too comfortable in your state, obscuring the dream you began with.

Remember that placeholder job you’ve been stuck with for the last decade, in hopes of truly running towards your dreams some day ?
That is complacency. You got too comfortable eating free cheese, while forgetting that the cheese was always amid the confines of a mousetrap, which wouldn’t let you exit even if you screamed for your life.


Make that big decision, do what you love, embark on that journey that has been stalled in transit for eternity and stop wondering how you were so easily separated from your dreams. The reason is simple — you chose the mousetrap over the hustle, you took the shortcut and decided not to pay the small price for your big dreams !

You may love Jerry for always escaping the evil plans of Tom and having a blast in his tiny den, but the real hustler is Tom. He hustles endlessly for that one dream, beating himself up in various ways, but never quits !


Follow your dreams and do what you love NOW — the right time won’t come knocking on your door.


Carpe Diem !


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6 thoughts on “The Mice Wants Free Cheese

  1. Karley

    I completely agree with the instant gratification aspects of this. I also love how you’re encouraging people to do what they love. We need more of that.
    “NOW IS ALL YOU HAVE & EVER WILL” – Loved that (but it also gives me anxiety lol).
    Thanks for sharing this! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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