People Are Waiting for You to Fail

Ever received a really nasty feedback on something you poured all your energies into, breaking that sweat only to realize how a few harsh words could drain your enthusiasm away ?

No matter what you do, there will always be someone lurking around you, constantly keeping an eye on every move you make, secretly picturing your fall and rejoicing over it in the most devilish manner.
Remember that friend who browses through every album on your social media, but never has anything nice to say about it ?


‘ What did I ever do to deserve this? As far as I remember, I’ve only wished well for everybody ’, you sigh.
Unfortunately, the harsh reality is

People Are Always Waiting for You to Fail

Well, not everybody. But you will always find that one person who frowns upon your stories of success, cringes when you share your moments of happiness, and completely fails to mask these feelings often by speaking inappropriately through humorous sarcasm.

There, you’ve even pictured this person in your head, and are remembering how their mean comments ruined your joy the last time.
‘ Why on earth do they behave this way ? Get a Life ! ’, you shout.

To me, these people are like the Dementors from Harry Potter, who seek to deprive you of your happiness and self worth. After I began blogging, I see more of these dementors lurking around and reading every article I publish, covertly hoping that my post wouldn’t reach a single soul.

Such people are great at flattering you with false compliments and putting you on a pedestal, while hoping for the pedestal to be sucked into the abyss of the earth. The good news is, the negativity in others has no control over your well-being and is in no way a hindrance to your success.


Here’s 4 simple things on How to Deal with Negative People :–

1.  Quit Whining. It’s just another Excuse to Quit !

‘ Oh everything is so unfair, people are mean. This World Sucks ! ’

Well, my friend, if the world didn’t suck, we would all fall off. 
Quit complaining about how the world treats you, because the truth is, it doesn’t matter. Someone’s negative behavior has no control over your dreams, desires or ambitions, and no matter what they say, don’t quit !
No, you do not have to pretend you are in wonderland, but accept the dark side of the world while you stretch your hand to feel the sunshine.

The world does not owe anything to you, you owe it to yourself !

2.  It’s all about Perspective

Are we so perfect that we have lived each day smiling ear to ear, helping everyone around while wearing the unconditional caregiver plate around our necks ?

You and I have been rude, melodramatic, angry, upset, frustrated and even cursed only to regret it later for behaving miserably. Maybe their negativity is coming from a source that is unknown to you, and you just happened to be there at the wrong time. Empathize with this negativity and whether you can help them or not, simply tell yourself ‘ I hope this person feels better soon ’

To have this hope for someone in a bad place, is Humanity.

3.  Don’t try to be a Superhero

‘ Maybe I should go and help him and change his attitude ’

That’s noble. But there are some things you may not want ownership to. You have enough of your problems to deal with and if someone is only draining your energy for the wrong reasons, you need to change the topic of the conversation.

Learn to say NO when it’s necessary !


4.  Level Up !

This is your challenge. How do you feel when you prove someone wrong for questioning your abilities ? Fantastic, right !

Imagine an endless wait at the airport boarding gate. You can see the beautiful Airbus plane outside the window, the passengers lined up awaiting their zone, but the pilot decided to let his success do the talking that day. He showed you who’s boss when you questioned his plane landing abilities the last time !

Don’t let the failures and negativity of others prevent you from battling every challenge to climb to the highest peak you desire. Go For It !



Being positive at all times is a battle in itself, but who said life was easy ?

I’ll see you on this roller-coaster ride of up’s and down’s, howls and screams, chuckles and roars !


Carpe Diem !

Find Balance with Utopia Life Coaching !


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13 thoughts on “People Are Waiting for You to Fail

  1. Pingback: People Are Waiting for You to Fail – Changelightbulbs

    1. haha I like the idea of simply deleting. I think there is some satisfaction in pressing shift+delete at times 😛
      Kudos to you for being so candid and again, thank you so much for being truly encouraging 🙂


  2. Extracts of Alex

    Couldn’t agree more. Think of all those successful people in the world. If they listened to the negativity they wouldn’t be where they are today! No time for negative vibes.

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