Money is the root cause of all Evil !
So is being broke Holy ?

Wherever you go, there will be people complaining about the ill effects money has on society. From greedy politicians to power hungry industrialists to your neighbor who can’t stop showing off his brand new sports car – Money is just bad.


You have probably seen various lists of “Things Money Can’t Buy”, and skipped your harsh reality for a moment to acknowledge this wisdom and truly appreciate what you have in your life. But in a matter of minutes you find yourself back in the race to the finish line striving to enhance your life from its present state.

Let’s agree that we no longer live in an era where society survived on a barter system, and everything is governed by fiat currency. Money is a necessity for survival – whether you are trying to pay off your student loans, or dreaming for your own home or simply hoping to relax your mind by attending a spiritual retreat in the mountains, money is at the core.

Instead of accepting our reality, we have been trying to obscure it with lists of things that make the pursuit of money an immoral and greedy endeavor.
If money doesn’t buy happiness, does poverty ?

Scientific research has proven that the correlation between money and happiness is defined by one attribute – the way money is spent.
Money CAN Buy Happiness when :


We have all felt a jolt of joy when we unwrap our newest smartphone and hold it in our hands. But we have also watched this feeling fade away in no time. If you would rather spend this money on an experience you have been eagerly waiting for, how would that make you feel ?

When your heart is pounding so fast, yet you smile for the camera 🙂

I chose to skydive for the first time in my life instead of purchasing an unwanted toy at three times the price. The experience of falling 15000 feet through the skies can never match up to a phone with a dual camera.

You may feel proud and happy for a day after receiving a fat bonus check, but it is only after you have spent it on an experience worth remembering that you truly know the value of your hard work. Experiences and memories offer a lifetime of happiness, while your impulse purchases are short bursts of excited hormones.


I have a hard time shopping for myself and it often takes my family to point out my lack of awareness with the latest brands or the time to stop wearing those old fashioned jeans. However, this does not prevent me from spending on the people I love.
Noticed the smiles on the faces of your loved ones when your tiniest gesture changes their day ?


Sharing is the key to happiness. This does not necessarily mean you go out and purchase expensive gifts. On some occasions, spending money to fly out and be with your loved ones without notice is all it takes. You can buy time by outsourcing your chores for a day only to cherish quality time with your family.

Time is more valuable than money, but will you have time if you’re still battling the acceptance of money as a necessity for survival ?

And last and most important …


You choose to begin spending on experiences over material things and watched your family rejoicing your gift of time, but how would you feel when you spend without any ulterior motive ? Charity begins at home, but does not end there.

When you contribute your money to someone who isn’t as fortunate as you, your happiness is hard to define. Helping another in need is what fulfills the soul regardless of the capitalistic society we live in. A tiny contribution may not appear as much to you, but can open a world of opportunities for someone fighting for survival. Those warm fuzzies you get when you notice the impact of your gratitude is happiness as a result of your hard work for money.


You don’t necessarily have to be as rich as Bill Gates and strive to eradicate the worlds health problems, but you can certainly contribute to a greater cause.

Allow your Money to Awaken the Humanitarian in you to open a two way road to Happiness !

It’s easy to label money as evil when greed is the driving force for your hard work. But if your greed isn’t for money, but for happiness, money is simply a part of your life. Accept the relevance of money in our society until we have another way around it and use it to your own benefit to create your world of happiness. Money well spent, is happiness rightly earned.

Make money your Servant,
NOT your Master !


Carpe Diem !


50 thoughts on “Money CAN Buy HAPPINESS

  1. Smita

    True happiness lies within can buy happiness when it’s spent in a right way..truly said.But I strongly believe that the way money has been earned matters a lot. I mean through right path or doing wrong and earning.Money wrongly earned will be spent in wrong direction.Sorry , but these days people are in a rat race, making money by hook or by crook losing their morality…The outer fame or richness gives them pride, but at the same time making them hollow from within.True happiness lies within oneself, doing good things to others brings incomparable happiness which material things can’t.. Ya, self pleasure is also very important for one’s self being

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  2. thetripwishlist

    Awesome message! Love the Mother Teresa quote and agree with everything you said. My motto is to buy experiences, not things, because as you mentioned, things often fade in glory, but memories are priceless!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Joanna

    Of course money can buy happiness. It’s enough to look at people who don’t have it and who are stressed about every single aspect of their life, worried they will not be able to provide for their families or that they will lose their homes. It’s not all about buying, it’s about feeling safe and protect your family as well.

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  4. Jesusa Gilliam

    Well said money can bring joy to a loved one for a few minutes. But that joy soon will fade as the toys get replaced with a newer updated one on the market. I think your time is the best way to show love and affection.

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  5. I totally agree with this, that money does actually buy you happiness because if its necessity to be able to do different things. Spending money on loved ones and different experiences that will bring you joyful and happy memores, that you ultimately did have to pay for. Great post, thanks for sharing!

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  6. Ellie Plummer

    I definitely agree with this post. I think that having enough money so that you’re not constantly worrying about paying rent/bills etc does make you a lot happier. You are able to comfortably spend money on doing things with loved ones, as you said.

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  7. Preet

    Money can’t buy happiness but it can help us to be a happy in different ways. Buy all the things we want, travel around the world. But money can’t buy the memoried and experience that makes us happy.

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  8. Geraline Batarra

    Wow, such a great post and really love reading this.Some people said that money can’t buy happiness but for me money can buy happiness if its use or spend this in a right way.

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  9. Karla

    This is reality! I know some takes money as their main reason to be happy. But there are things that makes people happy without even spending too much. Anyways, I enjoyed reading this. 🙂

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  10. Tania

    This is such an important topic. Although i agree that money can help by experiences and happy moments, even if you are able to afford all of those moments, you can still be unhappy. Thats why mental health is so important and keeping balance is key!

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  11. Loved this post. Very well written your thoughts. Money definitely can buy the time and it allows you to spend more time with loved ones. I love spending money to be with family and parents. The right wisdom is required to handle money and people and happiness.

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