Pledge to eat healthy !
Organize your finances and your life !
Work hard to build your own company !

I know you have listed your goals at least once. Maybe on New Year’s Day when you decided to turn your life around completely ? I know I have listed my goals several times in my life with ample excitement and a hope to accomplish and conquer every item on the list.

You decide to transform yourself into the best version of yourself and lead a disciplined life. You hit the gym for a week and feel the positive energy flowing and flex your muscles while imagining your chiseled body. A week later the same enthusiasm dies away and you only wish to stretch your legs on the couch while nudging your list of goals aside.

What happened ?

You read every book on the self help rack, decided to implement every change suggested and picture yourself basking in the sunshine of success. Your brain is filled with every piece of useful information there is – from motivational Ted talks to your friendly neighbor who can’t stop advising you on the only way to live!

Yet, you stop. And you stop to gain some more information, overloading your brain with every “how-to” the world has to offer. The rapid pace of this changing world is hard to keep up with, and the harder you accelerate, the further away you are.

You already know every answer to the important questions you keep seeking advise for. If you are trying to be financially independent, you are aware it requires you to cut back on your expenses, lead a simpler life and invest your savings. Students don’t need another lecture to tell them to study hard to get better grades. And you most certainly know you can’t have a six pack for summer unless you commit yourself to the discipline required for extreme fitness.

But there you are buying books, attending seminars or watching videos to remain a consumer while an entire industry thrives on your inability to FIGHT YOURSELF.

Yes, I said it. It’s out there and even if I have offended you, the truth remains. Unless you have the most uncommon excuse describing your incapacity to conquer your list of goals, I want to hear none of it. The reason — I was giving excuses for a long time myself.

“My parents don’t support me”
“I have no time”
“My job sucks the life out of me”
“I just don’t have it in me!”
And the list of excuses continues …

Seeking help isn’t bad. But seeking help for answers you already have is plain stupidity. I must have watched more than 100 videos related to the “amount of protein required each day to build muscle” and read several articles, yet I was nowhere close to the version I imagined of myself.

I failed – not because I had a lack of information or guidance, but simply for the inability to ACT ON INFORMATION. Every moment you are gathering some form of information in order to enhance your life to what you believe would be better. You are truly inspired after watching one of the best speeches of your favorite celebrity, but an hour later,  you are munching away on an Oreo waiting for the next video to be uploaded.


My question to you —

Stop wasting your time trying to look for answers, and start DOING. Not tomorrow, not tonight, not even an hour later, NOW!
No matter how many keys to success you may have uncovered,
I know there is only one key to failure — NEGLECT.

On my first day as an intern in financial services, my manager assigned me an automation project using a software I had never even heard about. That first day was terrifying because I felt like I was going to lose my job the next day for my lack of knowledge. Out of habit I my next move was to Google ” How to use this tool “, and a week later I began automating small parts of our financial product. Four months down the line, I had completely automated some important processes reducing the manual time of a day’s work to merely an hour.

The outcome ? I was offered a permanent position after I had demonstrated my work to an excited team.

No, I’m not gloating over my success, but trying to make a point about using information. I would have never learnt the tool if not for YouTube, but it was only my action on this acquired learning that gave me the desired results. On my first day I had already given up and even imagined myself walking out of the beautiful front door of my workplace, but I had to fight myself the next day to sustain.


Life is not a fight between you and me, or a fight with the entire world, or even a survival of the fittest. It is a battle you fight with yourself each day to be a better version of yourself. You are your own competition.


Carpe Diem !


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  1. Smita

    What a true self introspection!!! A courageous personal can only do this…I mean saying its you fighting with yourself… Otherwise generally seen people blaming others or the circumstances… BRAVO👏🏻👏🏻👍🏽

    Liked by 1 person

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