When the world pinpoints every Flaw,
Destroying every ounce of Ambition,
She thwarts every judgement with Guffaw,
Rekindling a fire within like a Magician.

An abundance of delightful Cuisines,
Lights, music, what an Atmosphere,
Unmatched to the simplicity of her Beans,
No ambiance, yet so Dear.

A global footprint to Parade,
Mountains, beaches, what’s the next Place?
Sleepless until safety was Conveyed,
Her world residing in merely a Face.

Conquering every assignment, a solo Star,
Virtues unparalleled, is she Human ?
An infinite Heart, almost Bizarre,
A MOTHER or a living Superwoman.


Why wait for Mother’s Day to appreciate the abundance of unconditional love radiating from the most important person in your life ?

A few words can never justify what Mothers do, but this one is for you Ma 🙂
Love You Ma, you are my world !


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