The One Common Element Between Your Tears & Sweat is SALT

You cried for an hour, regretting over past mistakes, beating yourself up for those lost chances and as your eyes begin to burn from your endless self harm, you taste the flavor of loathing — Salty !

Your tears may have garnered some attention once in a while, where someone offered a shoulder to cry on, listened to your complains all night long, rubbed your back and comforted you with a hot drink saying ‘ It’s all going to be okay. You’re stronger than your circumstances ’

The outcome of your tears and self loathing was nothing more than sympathy and while you found some transient solace in the warm arms of sympathy, your present and future still demand your attention.

On the other hand, picture yourself working out every muscle group of your body for an extensive hour at the gym, sweating profusely through every breath and staining those rubber mats attracting some awkward, yet admiring glances. You quickly look at yourself glistening in the mirror, flexing a bit while you taste the flavor of sweat and voila, it too is darn Salty !

While the salt from your tears brought you nothing but sympathy, the salt from your sweat has sown the seeds to bring about the most desirable thing — Change

Literally or figuratively speaking, the outcome of your sweat or hard work can only take you in one direction of change, the change you deeply desire. The perseverance to keep going against all odds, burning in the heat of desire, while your mind and body sweat it all presenting you with what you truly deserve — SUCCESS !

I have two salty dishes for you today : One invites some fleeting sympathetic and sorry emotions while the second invites the whole world to follow your success only because you don’t exist to attract sympathy. You exist to conquer and hustle through every hurdle and make your dreams come true.



Which one are you going to bite ?
Choose wisely.

Carpe Diem !

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