The Most Important Conversation You Have Is With Your Inner Self

As one of the eager attendees to a global conference, you make your way to several keynote speeches, trying to imbibe every ounce of wisdom and excellence from the best in your industry. You are exhilarated with one speech in particular from a person who you’ve deeply admired over the years — and then with fate playing on your side, you find yourself standing right next to him during the final raffle event of the evening.

It is a big moment, probably the biggest conversation you will ever have and you decide to start with a few pleasantries and introduce yourself as something more than just another attendee. You confidently express yourself and before you know it, the gentleman gets pulled away into the crowd, for everyone is eager for a piece of his time.

‘ What a guy ! ’, you think.
‘ I could never be like him ’, you walk away with mixed feelings in tow.


In one moment you transitioned from having the best moment to creating the worst thought with that conversation with your inner self. It is never the conversation with elites or idols that makes you successful, but the inner conversation you have with yourself that makes you who you are.

What you keep telling yourself every day of your life matters and if all your inner conversations lead to diminishing your self worth, it’s time to change the tone of your inner voice.

The tone of your voice must scream an emotion that says


Success has a very personal definition that varies from one person to the next, but no matter what you desire in your life, believe that you can. For the example I described above, all you need to do is replace the negative voice with a more positive and affirmative one and say

‘ What a guy ! Someday I too will have a crowd longing for my presence ’

This simple change in the tone of your inner voice has the power to make you truly believe in yourself. Your negative inner voice is the period marking the end of the book, whereas a positive inner voice only marks the ending of a chapter leaving the ending of your story filled with the most important thing we live by – Hope.

You may not have all the money you need to get that fabulous new sports car, but instead of saying ‘ I can’t afford it ’ switch to a more positive voice and say ‘ Someday ! ’. The point is to ensure the conversation you have with yourself is leaving you with hope for a better future.

You will talk more to yourself than you would with anybody else during your entire lifetime, then why not have a happy and uplifting conversation instead of one that questions your own self worth ? Ignite the power of your subconscious mind by tweaking your inner voice vocabulary a tiny bit and that conversation will never fail to please you.


You’ve all heard the common advice to THINK POSITIVE only to fall back to your negative inner voice leaving you without hope. It’s time to start TALKING POSITIVE and make that subconscious mind aware that You’re Alive & You Believe, You Can !

Carpe Diem !

Find Balance with Utopia Life Coaching !

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