If Living Is An Art, Choose The Right Paintbrush

A brand new canvas before you, and it’s almost like the first day of your art class where your teacher shouts

‘ Color me with your imagination ! ’

Deep down, you know what he’s really implying
Let me see who has the true potential to belong in this art class


Every ounce of you is buzzing with excitement to showcase every aspect of existence you have perceived with the brightest and happiest of colors. You carefully stare at that blank canvas and your hands meander towards the paintbrush tray. Fearing you would ruin the emptiness before you, you choose the safest of them all. Instead of painting with bold and lavish strokes, you restrict your imagination to fit the rectangular space provided with the smallest of paintbrushes.

The rectangular canvas is the Life society deems reasonable for you !

The truth is your life is beyond this canvas and not only do you need to color this canvas, but surpass its limits to paint the wall holding it.


To live Larger than Life itself is the true Purpose of Life

Life is a combination of sunshine and darkness, peaks and valleys, hope and despair and happiness and sorrow — with a color and paintbrush for every phase. Grab all the colors and paintbrushes, and paint with all your heart, no matter what the world tells you.

Laugh until your lungs hurt,
Weep till your eyes burn,
Embrace every heartache,
to Love even more,
devoid of Give and Take,
Build towers of Memories,
say Yes to this Journey,
you aren’t Living,
if you aren’t Feeling,

Life is not a canvas,
it is an Endless Collage

Carpe Diem !


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