Cutting through every ribbon like Bolt,
Or leaving a vaccuum between thin air like Flash,
I want to Run and Run Fast !

from layers of judgemental interrogation,
Eyes more powerful than TSA scanners,
Minds secretly scheming my fall,
Voices mocking my choices.

far away from the realms of Virtual Reality,
the desperate attempts of validation,
misplaced filters on photos instead of mouths,
those deep thoughts for unwanted hashtags,
oh the barter system of Likes and Love.

through the corridors of powerful men and women,
controlling the destiny of humanity,
what does it take to vote against the will of mankind ?
clinking their glasses to a devilish plan,
to wage war while millions cry.

to a place where I bask in Sunshine,
the Earth kissing my feet,
a world devoid of the power of definition,
separating Heaven from Hell,
to rejoice the beauty of my Being !

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