Nobody Gets Hurt On A Rollercoaster, Unless You Jump Out !

Clutching on to the cold metal handles, the discomfort of a tiny leather seat with the feeling of heavy luggage placed on your thighs, you intermittently open your eyes to witness the thrill before you. Your peripheral vision is compromised by the heavy bars and you no longer can gauge the emotions of your fellow riders.

That awkward climb to the top of the tallest rollercoaster in the park, while you hold your breath, secretly wishing for it to stop midway and take you back to your safe place. But it begins — with a fall so rapid, you can feel your senses all at once, the wind kissing your scalp, your vocal cords completely engaged, legs dangling like a puppet and a new record for your heartbeat !


Through all the twists and turns, screaming and howling, lousy attempts to let go off the metal handles for a split second only to grasp them back again, you arrive back to place your feet firmly on the ground you know well. The rollercoaster didn’t hurt you and you are proud to have emerged unscathed. Why ?

Because you didn’t Jump Out !

You’ve heard Life is a Rollercoaster and the only way to sail through this existence is to NEVER JUMP OUT !

Before you start throwing some unexpected rollercoaster mishaps my way, I won’t be debating the craftsmanship behind these amazing rides. The rollercoaster analogy has been commonly used to describe life itself, and you will find tons of how-to and to-do lists for your life, but all you need to say to yourself today is

I Will Not Jump Out


Whether you are struggling in your career, uncertain about your future, failed at relationships, going through a time that is simply indescribable – Don’t Jump. It is only the courage to continue that counts and when you feel like quitting remember that the best option to choose is to keep going, because time will heal your deepest wound.

How To Never Give Up ?

Lower Your Expectations

Probably the biggest cause of unwanted stress is when we set unrealistic expectations from ourselves and worse when it is from others. When you start expecting too much from people around you, sooner or later, you will be questioning yourself and your relationships. Stay away from the drama.

If you’re expecting too much from yourself, have patience. There is a difference between ambitions and expectations, and while you may have the ambition to succeed right away, don’t expect it to happen before time.

Keep Comparisons At Bay

Keeping up with the Jones’s is not real. You have built your life with your hard work and determination, and if the success of others makes you depreciate your worth in any way, you will soon give up. To never give up, hold your ground, stay firm to your values, honor your individuality and be proud of who you are and where you belong.

Stop Defining Your Success Based on The Yardstick Defined by Society !

You Have More Opportunities Than You Think

You will fail, not once, but multiple times, in various phases of life, and the brutal truth is that failure is inevitable. However, this does not imply you will never have more chances. Life is an unpredictable treasure hunt and the only way you will be able to find various treasures along the way, is if you never give up.

Don’t allow a few moments of failure define the rest of your life. Keep Moving !


Always Remember the Rollercoaster Analogy

You felt good at the end of that scary ride and it was well worth the wait. In fact you wished it was a bit longer. The rollercoaster ride tested your patience while you waited in the long queue, dug into your fears making you scream, thumped your heart at full rate, but at the end it was fun. Most importantly, you felt alive !

Life’s short and your time is limited. Don’t take it for granted.

Carpe Diem !


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