Will You Make Me Happy ?

Ten year old Sam walked in through the front door and shouted his lungs out to announce his big news

‘ I won the state junior science competition ! I did it, woohooo ! ’

‘ I’m so proud of you Sam ’, his mother hugged him quickly and started pacing towards the refrigerator, looking for a dessert to honor his achievement.

‘ This is wonderful news Sam!
I knew you would win and I’m sure you will also win the national competition.
Promise me you will continue your efforts for the nationals and make me happy ’

‘ I promise to work really hard Mom, but I don’t know if I can make you happy ’

His mother was a little taken back with Sam’s strange answer, but she brushed away her doubts to watch him devour his favorite chocolate cake.

A decade had flown by and Sam had witnessed the collapse of his fathers business, lived through the helplessness of being unable to contribute to the family finances and hidden his wet eyes behind a fake smile.

Adversity was the root cause of maturity and Sam’s innocence was now buried under the struggles he faced ahead.

‘ I’m going to do all I can to bring us back on our feet, Dad. You need to take care of your health before anything else. Don’t worry, it’s all going to work out ’

‘ I’m sure you will son. I know you will succeed and make us all happy someday ’

‘ I know I’m going to succeed Dad, but I can’t say if you will be happy ’

Through the crevices of his buried innocence, success emerged in its entirety blessing Sam, now 28, for his sheer hard work and dedication. A successful man ready for the new chapter in his life of marital bliss.

As he watched the love of his life being escorted down the aisle, Sam smiled ear to ear between those split seconds of eagerly enthusiastic eye contact. The brides father carefully parted away with his beautiful daughters hand and like every concerned father he leaned against Sam to express his only wish

‘ You’re a great guy Sam. I wish you both the very best in your new journey and I’m sure you will shower my daughter with more happiness than I could ever imagine ’

‘ Thank you very much. I promise to honor, respect and care for your daughter and the love of my life, but happiness isn’t my forte ’

His bride, shocked at Sam’s queer answer, shook away the doubt arising from between the butterflies in her stomach as one of Sam’s usual attempts at sarcastic humor.

‘ So it looks like we’re all set with the paperwork Sam. Is there anything else you think we need to discuss ? ’, the client said eagerly while laying out the documents on the coffee table of Sams living room.

‘ I guess it’s time to green-light this one ’

‘ We’re going to be global soon and make a lot of money together. Looks like your idea is going to make a lot of people happy ’, the client raised his glass to toast to their prosperous future.

‘ We’re going global and we’re darn well making money. It’s a winner ! As far as happiness is concerned, that’s a tough one ’, Sam said smilingly while putting down his pen.

Sometimes a single malt on the rocks can swallow your words, preventing you from entering any further debates, and as they clinked their glasses, Sam’s four year old who was always trying to imitate his father, raised his hands and shouted

‘ It’s a winner ! ’
‘ Happiness is a tough one ’

He quickly scrambled towards his dad to douse his curiosity and asked

‘ Why is it a tough one ? ’

His client looked at Sam with curious anticipation and secretly applauded the four year old for being so quick-witted.

With a smile that couldn’t justify the pride for his son, Sam replied

‘ Because Happiness is a Decision


Unable to grasp the depth of this answer, his four year old quickly asked

‘ What can I do to make you happy Dad ? ’

Sam wiped the tear from the corner of his eye and hugged his son

‘ You asking me that question, and that’s happiness for a lifetime ’

Choose happiness before everything else, because that alone is the Beginning and the End to the Meaning of Life.

Carpe Diem !

8 thoughts on “Will You Make Me Happy ?

    1. Exactly! It’s so easy to blame others and hold others responsible for something they don’t really have control over. The tough part is to take that control back into our own hands.
      Glad you liked it Emily 😊


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