The Price of Anything Is The Amount Of Life You Exchange For It

‘ It’s Friday ! Big plans for the weekend ? ’

‘ Yeah man ! It’s going to be a marathon weekend ! ’

‘ A marathon ? I didn’t know you were a runner ’

‘ A marathon of binge watching 6 seasons this weekend dude ! I have a lot to catch up ’

‘ I see you’ve discounted yourself to $10.99/month ’


WHAT THE …. !?

Everything you do in your life is an exchange. When you buy that fast luxury car, you know very well you need to dip into your hard earned savings and exchange it in order to enjoy that new car smell.
When you’re sick, you exchange your sick days to regain your energy, sometimes even without pay, because you know your health is a bigger priority.

We’re smart on the daily routine of exchange, but when this applies to the larger picture of life itself, it’s a train wreck ! Most often we tend to ignore the finite nature of time in our lives, by simply killing it with trivial acts of exchange.

Each time you’re killing time, you are exchanging a portion of a priceless commodity, life, with a relatively worthless or trivial entity, such as being glued to a screen.

The Price of Anything
is the Amount of LIFE You Exchange For It !

No, this is not a plea to disconnect yourself from all forms of entertainment and keep grinding 24/7, but to realize that we live in an age where killing time is probably one of the easiest tasks at hand.

Scroll through that unending Facebook news feed
Binge watch through the weekend
Battle away with PUBG
Convert yourself into a loopy Boomerang

The list can go on, but the content will never cease to exist. The point here is to realize that while each of these sources of entertainment is a great way to relax, they are also the reason for reducing the price of something more precious.

What you intend to build in your life is a product of how wise you are with TIME. If you have been frivolous with time, life will not be the extraordinary wonder you dream of, but you will only be killing it.

The next time you find yourself killing time, ask yourself a simple question

Is This Really Worth It ?
Or Can I Exchange My Time for Something Better ?


When you provide a deeper emphasis on the worthiness of your time and life, it is more than likely that you will switch your current state to be more productive, to enjoy your time to its fullest, as opposed to throwing it away aimlessly.

Now, instead of watching a series of travel shows, you could just be working hard to create your own travel story. You can be inspired by the content around you, but don’t kill your time doing just that.

If there’s one thing successful people care about most, it is time, and if you have mastered the art of managing time and knowing your worth, you will certainly be the master of your life !


Carpe Diem !

Find Balance with Utopia Life Coaching !

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5 thoughts on “The Price of Anything Is The Amount Of Life You Exchange For It

  1. Enjoyed reading your post & agree completely! Reminds me of the lessons in the book “Your Money or Your Life” by Joe Dominguez & Vicki Robin (this book was just recently updated & re-released 20 years later by Vicki Robin – worth the time spent to read it!)


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