Are you WOUNDED or WISE ?

“My life is a complete mess.
There is no way I can be the same again.
I’ve lost everything there is to my entire existence !!

“ Why me ? , you ask, and there is no answer. Your family and friends understand the depth of your wounds, but have nothing better to offer other than
“ Time is the Best ‘Healer ”

Whether you failed the most important exam, lost your job or suffering a major heartbreak after a long relationship, the feeling of despair and the absence of a meaning to life is natural. Finding hope seems impossible when you would rather shut yourself away from the world, your head between your legs, crying over the misery life has to offer.

You know time is a good healer, but what do you do about this moment ? You have even advised your own friends in the same manner you are being advised today. How do you combat the feeling of being sucked out of your own life ? You realize this isn’t the end of the world, yet it feels like the world came shattering down over your tiny shoulders and you sure aren’t Hercules.


The answer, although cliche, is simple — Your body need not have the strength of Hercules, but your mind is more powerful than a hundred Hercules to battle through this difficult time.


When life hits hard, our tendency is to shrink the world to a miniature size where the earth no longer revolves around the sun. It is now revolving around you and every little to large problem you are facing, driving you away from reality. The amplification of problems is never a solution, but only a larger problem.


Each time you are overwhelmed by the atrocities of life, know that while it may seem that it’s ONLY YOU with whom life is playing this unfair game, it most certainly isn’t. It is important to talk about your feelings, but limit the use of words that cause self pain such as :
Why ME ? ”
I have always been good to others, yet my life is miserable ”
“ There is no Karma! Life is just unfair ”

You are what you think, and the more you highlight the unfairness of life, the worse it gets. You may not be able to look on the bright side yet, but you can certainly use reassuring words.
It’s a bad time, but I’ll get through this just like everyone else ”
It could have been worse. I’m alive and intend to make the best use of it ! ”
What Karma ? I create Karma by DOING ! ”

Realize that you occupy a tiny space in this world, but possess massive potential to change the entire world.

Grow beyond your troubles !


Our biggest successes are fruits of our determination and hard work, but we must find someone to blame for our tiniest failures. Failure, in any form is hard to digest and what’s more comforting than finding a scapegoat to soothe your conscience ?

businessman hiding face not my fault

The inability to self-reflect is what prevents us from being accountable for our failures. Your career, relationship or financial well-being isn’t failing because the world stood up against you, but simply because you failed to take action. You may not have control over everything, but you certainly have the ability to take action in order to find a solution.

We are wired to find solutions to problems, and instead of blaming your parents, boss, spouse or friends, start looking for the solution. Finding solutions is a positive stimulation for your mind, that not only diverts you from your sorrows, but lays the foundation for future opportunities.

Instead of thinking  My life is a mess ! ”, what if you began your day with  How do I fix this mess ? ” Defining a strategy is the first step you can take to changing your present situation.

Point that finger to yourself and say  I’m Accountable !


Recall an incident from the past that hurt you terribly, but no longer causes the same pain it used to. Does it mean that with time the hurtful sentiments lose their importance? No, but every wound you carry makes you wiser and enables you in ways that you can never learn anywhere else.


Life isn’t always a colorful rainbow, and every failure is a sign of growth — growing out of the shell we build for ourselves. Learning never ends, and if you start treating every failure as a learning experience as opposed to being struck down by lightning, you will be able to create endless rainbows.

Know that even if the present moment has wounded you in a seemingly irreparable way, it is your milestone to greater wisdom. Observe your thoughts amid a large scheme of things and avoid isolating and magnifying every event to hurt yourself further.

There is nobody and I mean NOBODY more important than yourself. 
Like Autumn, shred away your troubles in Magnificence to lay the foundation for a Glorious future.


Carpe Diem !


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