Shadow of Truth


Walking on a lonely Street,
The shimmer of a Floodlight,
Marching to my Heartbeat,
Did I send you an Invite ?

An intriguing Character,
A leader one Moment,
Racing like a Competitor,
Underneath a loyal Servant.

Metamorphosis is your Forte,
A Giant bloating my Ego,
Or a worthless tiny Prey,
Teach me the art of Incognito.

At the break of Dawn,
An awareness Emerged,
A Shadow revealing a Truth Withdrawn,
Enlightenment is Light & Darkness, Merged.

Shadows are the representation of the other half of our lives – The Truth of Darkness.

We are sometimes leaders or competitors and many a times subservient to the demands of society. Our ego is heightened when we are victorious, and diminished during failure, but to possess the ability to suppress it, is a sign of true awareness.

While we seek the light within, it is only with acceptance of darkness, can we truly experience total happiness. Darkness in all its forms is a part of our lives and will continue to be the shadow to remind us of the need for acceptance.

You are the Light when you embrace the Darkness within.

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