Entering the majestic Stage,
A clown juggling with Precision,
Performing an act to Assuage,
Epitomizing life was a multitude of Missions.

The Lion came Roaring,
Headstrong it wouldn’t be Tamed,
Compromised merely by a whip Slashing,
Fear possessed us all Restrained.

On a tightrope a Uni-cyclist,
Glorifying an ability Unprecedented,
Shaming the world and each Survivalist,
For the ability to coexist Disoriented.

Splitting a child’s body in Half,
A magician triumphant to Deceive,
As if conducting on the world’s Behalf,
The treachery of humanity, why Grieve ?

A drum roll to announce you’re Alive,
Dancers, hoopers and musicians Arise,
It is the one and only life, why Deprive ?
A flamboyant CIRCUS with Lows and Highs.

Life is a CIRCUS


Filled with several tasks and responsibilities like the pins in the hands of the juggler. The important thing is how well we are balancing and committing to each of these pins. If one falls, everything else follows. Be COMMITTED !

Life is a CIRCUS


We are born screaming our lungs out. This scream is tamed with fear as we grow. Fear of society, religion, reputation or simply, failure. Are you a tamed lion or the fearless human longing to live life each day as if it’s your last. Keep roaring and Be FEARLESS !

Life is a CIRCUS


A world full of diversity, quarreling over the tiniest of events. Notice the balance of the tightrope walker, where everything appears to be in harmony? The physical as well as the mental energies coinciding to produce a perfectly balanced state to leave you in awe! How hard can it be to broaden our horizons and simply co-exist ? Be ACCEPTING !

Life is a CIRCUS


When a magician fools your intellect with each trick, your ego is never hurt. Our world has elements of deceit that often leave us heartbroken. Treat every defeat like a magic trick and move on. Be FORGIVING !

Life is a CIRCUS


While you are riding this roller-coaster, filled with highs and lows, realize the most important truth that you are alive. Dance and hoop to your favorite tune amid all the chaos, to simply cherish this gift of life. Be ALIVE and AWARE !

Carpe Diem!

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