An Ode to Positive Thinking

“ When the world faces monumental Complication,

I am sipping on wine with no Inspection.

Where fat-shaming is more important than Over-Population,

When social media is the cause for Self Obsession.

Where politicians demand evidence on Climate Change,

And the future of human race is Deranged.

Where our mother planet suffers from a shortage of Resources,

Men in power set sight on alternative Planetary Sources.

Where faith is a battle of Right and Wrong,

Oblivious that we all Belong.

Where war is initiated with the submission of a Tweet,

To end this beautiful world in nothing but a Heartbeat.

I dismiss it all living a life wearing Blinkers,

For I am nothing but a Positive Thinker.

I realize the meaning of being a Savior,

And quash the positive thinker to become a Contributor”

Carpe Diem!

12 thoughts on “An Ode to Positive Thinking

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