When the eye perceives new Faces,
The mind ponders over its Truth,
Materializing in various Traces,
Sometimes alluring sometimes Uncouth.

Outer beauty camouflages the Soul,
Inverting the reality of Being,
Each day is a new Role,
While the heart is ceaselessly Seeking.

Surrounded by a myriad Voices,
Deafening the call of the Heart,
Pompously portraying worldly Choices,
Unconscious of being driven Apart.

A moment in time so Grand,
Unleashing a reality to Bask,
Exposing the sleight of Hand,
Turning every face to merely a Mask.


While you aimlessly live your life, wearing a mask for every occasion, are you forgetting your true self ?
Do you KNOW your True Self ?
Stop for a moment today to look for yourself behind that MASK!

Look Within to Look Beyond

Carpe Diem!

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