The Immigrant


A teary farewell at the Airport,
Fake ‘good’bye’s from heavy Hearts,
Bags filled with memories from the Past,
Cruising over the seven Seas,
A new journey with emotions Galore.

A land promising a colorful Future,
fulfilling every need and Desire,
In exchange of a simple Contract,
Unlearn the ways of the land I Belong,
For I am the square peg in the round Hole.

Burning the midnight Oil,
Stale bread and a cuppa Noodles,
Celebrating festivals through a tiny Screen,
a fake smile masking every Tear,
Where’s the silver lining amid the Toil ?

Oh how the hard work has Flourished,
certified successful as defined by Society,
smiling at the acquired Possessions,
Realizing the emotionless state of materials,
I am now the Round peg without a Soul.


While the term global citizen is frequently used by millions who live abroad, how meaningful is this term really ?

Is there genuine acceptance of thought, culture, race, sex, religion, beliefs or is it merely disregarded based on one’s nationality ?

While it’s a beautiful experience when one moves across the seven seas to learn and adapt to new ways of living, but it sometimes also entails a complete unlearning of the past.

Let’s stop the labeling and try to live in a world where borders exist only for the Maps, not for the Hearts !

7 thoughts on “The Immigrant

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    Hi – I am going through all your blogs and took a couple quotes that I am going to make pins out of! I will give you credit for the quote of course! Hopefully that is ok with you?

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