Cushion of Dreams


Laying on the cushion of Dreams,
Engulfed by Darkness,
A silence full of Screams,
Memories flashing amid Blindness.

The ruffle of soft Cotton,
A creaking of wooden Legs,
Lifting the emotional Curtain,
Unweaving all the mind’s Threads.

From the corner of the Eyes,
Slowly taking its Form,
Pain appeared in Disguise,
Unable to hold an Inner Storm.

A cushion of broken Dreams,
Stained by haunting Grief,
Mustering up a new Scheme,
’Tis time to turn over a new Leaf.

No matter where you are, what you do, what you’ve lost — you are still ALIVE !
This is the most important thing among all the burdens you carry on your shoulders. You are alive, therefore YOU CAN. Whatever the struggle, YOU CAN battle through it all.

Love your Life and feel that heartbeat. If you feel that thump, you CAN change whatever it is that stains your dream cushion. Be the Dreamer and Love Yourself !

Carpe Diem !


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