You Are More Than A Drop Of Water

7.7 Billion People on Earth and you think to yourself

Who cares what I have to say or do ?!
There is no meaning to my life after all …
I’m just a Tiny Droplet in this vast Ocean

If you think you are swarmed by billions of tiny droplets around you, and find it hard to define any meaning to your life, you aren’t alone. To be lost in a crowd in search of yourself is natural, but to disregard your life as worthless, is foolishness.

See the ripples each droplet of water creates on the surface of the vast ocean ?


You Are More Than Just A Drop Of Water!

You may define your life as merely a single droplet, but essentially your life is measured by the concentric ripples it causes throughout a lifetime.

The ripples you create by contributing to every role you play in your life — a child, parent, employee, employer, doctor, writer, actor or even the next door neighbor.
Ever taken a step back to measure how many ripples your single minuscule life creates ?

At this very instance, you are the reason someone else may be smiling, surviving, sharing a tiny load of work for a massive organization or even spreading this post with everyone you care for to lift their spirits before they demean their existence as a forgotten droplet.

Your life has the power to create greater and larger ripples, causing a stir in this vast ocean. Do not underestimate yourself and improve yourself each day in order to create the biggest ripples through your single drop !

Carpe Diem !


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