A Mind in Chains – How To Prevent Social Media Addiction

Seeking My Utopia

In the early hours of a Sunday morning, your smartphone humbly chimes in to wake you up to the updates from all over the globe. There are several notifications on your colorful screen, ranging from the breaking news to the new video your favorite YouTuber posted while you were swept away in the arms of slumber. Even with your eyes scarcely open, you swipe away these notifications in search for the most important of them all – your approval rating. Whether it was the group photo from last nights graduation party, or the check in from a famous locale, or a filtered picture post of the not-so-delicious food you consumed or even the i’m-so-bored-to-go-out picture on your couch – you are eagerly awaiting your ratings.

You quickly scramble through the ‘likes’ and ‘comments’, even making a mental note of the one’s who hadn’t noticed your ‘important’ update, updating your social…

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