A tiny droplet falling Aimlessly,
The skies withering away its Pain,
Losing its existence Lifelessly,
The purpose was lost to Sustain.

A ray of hope striving to Permeate,
Relentless in its effort to Save,
A purpose higher than earthly Fate,
To break free from being Enslaved.

A Refraction of varied Thoughts,
Dispersing for a Brighter Cause,
An acceptance to connect the Dots,
Rising above all notions and Laws.

Reflecting a unity through Diversity,
Generating awe beneath its Glow,
Purging from every Perversity,
Shining in glory like a Rainbow.

It is the unity in humanity that creates a rainbow, else we all are nothing but tiny droplets cruising through life without a purpose.
The Light of Wisdom resides among each one of us, that when combined, creates a beautiful Rainbow.


The bigger question is —

Do you realize we all come from the same light?


Carpe Diem!


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