5 Things To Do Today

All you want to do is binge watch your favorite show this weekend ?


I’m here to nudge you alive from your couch to make this Sunday worthwhile.
No matter where you are, what you are doing, it’s another day to be a better version of yourself!

1.  Plan Your Future

It’s about time you stop “Keeping up with the Kardashians” and start planning for the future of your dreams. Regardless of the current phase of life, list out your goals for the future. Whether it is planning for your next job, taking that first step towards an early retirement or simply living a healthy lifestyle – create your future plan.
Make the most of today, so you never have to worry about tomorrow


Some useful resources:
How much do you need to save for retirement?

Have you defined YOUR Needs?

2.  Free Yourself of Debt

Tired of being rejected at the bank, car dealership, rental properties or even at the supermarket? The clock has struck for you to make a pledge to free yourself of debt starting TODAY! Realize the negative impact of debt on your life and take control of your finances before debt wins this vicious battle.


Some useful resources:
Plastic Money – when debt comes disguised as wealth!

Debt Free

Don’t Let Fear Keep You in Debt

3.  Disconnect

Celebrate your day today by disconnecting for a moment. Turn off your notifications, quit seeking attention from the virtual world, and celebrate your reality. Give yourself the much needed disconnect in order to connect with yourself and your loved ones. Cherish your achievements, appreciate your relationships and express your gratitude to the fullest. Life is here and NOW!


Some useful resources:
Disconnection is the New Celebration

A Mind in Chains – Preventing Social Media Addiction

4.  Tame Your Monkey Mind

You : ” Let me explore the world and enjoy the beauty the world has to offer “
Your Mind : ” It’s a dangerous world out there! “

The constant chatter of your mind has been preventing you from breaking those hurdles and set yourself free. Today is your day to be mindful of your thoughts and learn how to take control over your life. Take a deep breath and let go!


Learn how to vanquish your Monkey Mind
Are You Taming your Monkey Mind?

5.  Take the first step towards your True Love

Still waiting for the ‘right moment’ to switch careers, write your poem or take the plunge to truly live the life of your dreams? You already know what you love and have pictured your life each day doing something you truly love. Today is the day when you take your first step towards your love, a step closer to your dreams.


Ask yourself Are You Doing What You Love? today and let your heart take charge to begin the journey of your dreams!

Time is what we want most, but what we use worst
∼ William Penn

Carpe Diem!

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