The Delusional Positive Thinker – How to Change Your Mindset

“ Let’s go to Disney World tomorrow! ”


Your mind suddenly experiences the warmth of being welcomed by Mickey and friends, the joyous dance with Goofy and the endearing voice of Donald Duck !
Hmm.. I must be a genius to control your mind so easily 🙂
But wait …

All I did in a single sentence, was generate a positive thought from my mind, share it with my writing, and you were quick to register this thought to experience a positive emotion. Some of you may have even pictured the journey to Disney World, cruising above the clouds or getting behind the wheel listening to your favorite song.

So how do you differentiate between Thought and Thinking ?

The Thought was simply going to Disney World tomorrow, but think back a minute from now and notice every emotion that arose from this positive thought — this is your Thinking.
Why is it important to differentiate, you ask ?

Let’s explore this with another simple Thought :

“ PAIN ”


There is no doubt your mind was the quickest computer to throw every memory of your deepest sorrow at multiple frames per second. Your life’s biggest failures, career choices to failed relationships start flashing before your eyes, rising from a single word, a single negative thought. A negative thought has now triggered negative thinking resulting in driving you away from the present moment.
Remember how you almost teared up listening to that sad song on the radio ?

Every single day you hear people providing you the same advice to “ think positive ” to make that quantum leap from your current state of existence. You read “ The Secret ” and tried implementing a positive way of thinking into your life, worked hard to discard the negative, but never truly experienced the massive change you were seeking.
Is it really possible to reject negative thoughts for good ?

The answer is a simple and affirmative NO !

There will always be negative thoughts, even on your best days in life. The idea that rejecting negative thoughts is a cure for every problem in life is a fallacy.

Can you reject a painful memory ?
Will you be able to take any action on this painful memory ?
Will you be able to change the past ?

The more you try to forget or reject a thought, the more prevalent it becomes in your mind. The power of positive thinking has been misconstrued into believing that negative thoughts must never arise and one must even go a step further to remain positive in the most negative circumstances. This misconception is no more than a delusion !

If you read about a natural calamity in the morning news today, will you be able to remain positive ?


How Do You Change Your Mindset ?



You know for sure by now that negative thoughts are inevitable, but the reason it results in a train of negative thinking is because you fail to challenge each thought.

“ I hate my job ”
“ Everybody sucks ”
“ I made that huge mistake 10 years ago ”

Scrutinize these thoughts to truly understand why you believe so strongly in them. The more you ignore it, the more alive it remains. To kill a negative thought, there is only one way — challenge the thought in order to evolve to a better place.


You will make many mistakes throughout your life, but accepting it as a learning process and an opportunity to grow is essential to change your mindset. Begin to Tame Your Monkey Mind to possess the power to control your thoughts.


No matter how positively you think, the world will remain an imperfect rock in space demanding constant nurturing and improvement. Instead of complaining how everything is wrong with this planet and everybody living on it, tell yourself that no matter what happens “ Imperfection is OK ”


You too are imperfect and that my friend is OK as well. Stop letting the natural law of imperfection ruin your days and nights overwhelmed by inconsequential thoughts. Focus on improving your imperfections and create a plan of action that looks towards a positive YOU.


You may not always remain positive, but you can certainly make some minor changes in your routine life to ensure that necessary dose of motivation.

  • Surround yourself with positive friends
  • Avoid consuming negative media reports first thing in the morning
  • Invest in a healthy lifestyle
  • Be thankful, because gratitude never ceases to please
  • End each day highlighting the brightest moment
  • Write your future plans and ACT on it


How would the thoughts about planning a trip to Disney World die ? They die once you have completed the trip. The only way thoughts die, is by DOING.
The mind is empowered not just by thinking positive, but by accepting both positive and negative thoughts and acting on it.

Empower yourself today not by closing your mind with unrealistic fallacies, but by opening your mind to the natural laws of existence.

Success Is The Ability To Go From One Failure To Another With No Loss Of Enthusiasm
∼ Winston Churchill

Carpe Diem !

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