Prisoner of My Mind

Thick strong Metal,
A grasp so Powerful,
Confining human Potential,
A Mind transformed to merely a Skull.

Trapped by the darkness of Thought,
Memories mutate into Shackles,
A Prisoner in the Mind’s Vault,
Lend me the strength to Grapple.

The chains Clanked,
As the wrists twisted with Intent,
The cold floor Thumped,
’Tis the hour to Rise & Defend.

A glorious battle to break Free,
Committed to overcome every Mountain,
Renouncing pain from the deepest Sea,
I am the Sufferer and the cruel Warden.


There is no prison bigger and traumatic than your own mind. Your thoughts are the cruel warden trapping you in a prison within your own mind.

Break free from the past, from the pain the holds you back, to stop living within the confines of your mind. Open that beautiful mind to explore the abundance the world has to offer.

Embrace life NOW and cling to every opportunity !

Know the Mind,
Shape the Mind,
Free the Mind.



Carpe Diem !

6 thoughts on “Prisoner of My Mind

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