Can You Remember to Put the Glass Down?

Place a glass of water in front of you.

No, I won’t be asking you whether it is half full or half empty to determine and judge the kind of person you are, but simply want you to look at this glass for a second and pick it up gently to determine its weight.

200 gms? 500 gms?

Hold it for a minute.
That was easy, but a little uncomfortable right ?

How about holding it for the next one hour ?
You may take up the challenge if you are super bored, but at the end of the hour, your arm is surely going to hurt and take a while to recover.

What if you hold this glass for the rest of your day ?
No Way ! You definitely don’t want to end up not being able to feel your arm at all, do you ? Even picturing a numb and paralyzed arm is painful. Sorry, let’s pass !

In each scenario, the weight of the glass was constant, and the only thing that changed was the time. As time increased, somehow the weight got heavier to handle.

Your negative thoughts are this Glass of Water !

This glass of water smells Negative !

Thoughts that cause stress, pain, worries, anxiety or depression are like this glass of water that has been held for long past its due. Think about a negative experience once, and it doesn’t affect you much, think about it for an hour and the pain within you begins to hurt some more.

But when these thoughts occupy all your time, it paralyzes you to move ahead, making you incapable of hope. The worst day to wake up is when you are devoid of any hope from life itself.

Remember to Put the Glass Down !

Easier said than done, right ?
I agree. It is so easy to just say something motivational and uplifting, but it takes a toll on your mind and body to truly act on it. I have struggled with this myself, and I’ll be honest, practicing to shut the door on my thoughts didn’t come easy. However, the bright side is, it isn’t impossible.

While creating a golden list that fits every individuals needs is impossible, I can certainly define some simple ways to help you remember to put that glass down.


DO’s :

  • Exerciseprobably the quickest way to release those stress hormones. Hop on the treadmill, go hiking, jump around with a dance workout, Just Do It!
  • Read FictionWhat’s a better way to drive past your woes, than entering an unknown fictional dimension ?
  • Make a CallSounds silly, right? Give it a try ! Call your most loved ones right now, but don’t complain about how you feel.
  • Eat a Cheat MealNo you won’t gain 5 pounds on one meal, I promise 🙂 A savory meal of your choice is known to help reduce stress, just don’t go crazy !
  • Watch CartoonsHow much do you regret growing up after all those years of eagerly wanting to fit in to those big shoes ? Believe me, doing childish stuff can offer that much needed diversion from those annoying thoughts.

DONT’s :

  • Smoke I know you’re craving, but this is clearly not going to make that heavy weight lighter.
  • Drink AlcoholAnother terrible option you must avoid. You don’t want to end up regretting those drunk dialed calls, do you?
  • Listen to Sad Songs — Quite often the easiest move when we’re sad and lonely, but no, DON’T do it !
  • Talk to a Negative PersonCan’t afford to manage someone else’s baggage at this time, can we?
  • Break StuffSome people have suggested this as a way of letting it out. You really want to lose that overpriced centerpiece and regret about it later ? Stay calm, it’s all good !

Understand that the only glass you wish to hold is one that makes you smile without hurting or paralyzing you in any way. Controlling your mind requires practice, but some simple techniques can certainly make you invincible 🙂

If it isn’t making you Happy,
Remember to put the Glass Down !

Until then, keep smiling



Carpe Diem !

Find Balance with Utopia Life Coaching !


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